adobe acrobat alternatives

Adobe Acrobat Alternatives

In 1990, Adobe Systems introduced the Portable Document Format to the world, and it has long since retained its usefulness across different platforms and numerous devices. Portable Document Format, popularly known as PDF, is designed to create files, share documents, and format texts, amongst other functions. PDF gained popularity amongst users when the company distributed its Acrobat Reader version for free. However, this version offers limited functionality to the users, resulting in the need to purchase the premium versions, particularly in a business setting. So let’s learn about Adobe Acrobat alternatives.

What to consider when looking for Adobe Acrobat Alternatives

Adobe Acrobat remains one of the most sort products in the business world. It offers valuable tools for several PDF activities. The software is the industry standard for easy navigation of its useful toolsets. To use the tools to their full extent, one must subscribe to the full version, which unfortunately is EXPENSIVE, limit individuals and small businesses from using the product. Though historically, Adobe Acrobat is said to be the best option for PDF editing, numerous alternatives PDF editors offer similar tools and functions for affordable prices. It is, however, vital to select a good PDF editor. The outline below explains several tips to consider when choosing a PDF editor.

If you’re still thinking about getting Adobe Acrobat, then consider it once again. It can be pricy, but it’s the best app to work with PDF overall.

Conversion of PDF to various formats

One of the essential functions of a PDF editor is converting and exporting pdf files effortlessly. It presents the competence to convert digital documents and scan hard copies. A good editor must be able to export PDF into other editable formats. 

Edit PDF to include text, set links, images, or delete text

Without a PDF editor, it is impossible to include new texts or deletes texts on a PDF document. A good Editor allows for the inclusion of images, set links, or text. It makes it possible for the modification of text size and photos. A user can drag and drop graphics in places of preference. 

Create a PDF document

Another function of a good PDF editor is to have the ability to create files from scratch. 

Usage of Optical Character Recognition technology

OCR recognizes texts within images. So when selecting a PDF editor, the editor should include the usage of OCR technology. It enables one to search and edit texts and also edit them.

Commentary on documents

it allows for making comments and other annotations when reviewing a file. It presents options like sticky notes, high lighting, freehand tools, stamps, and callout boxes.

PDF for scanned print media

A good PDF editor can convert any scanned document to a PDF seamlessly. 

Conversion of PDF from other file formats:

A good editor should enable you to convert a PDF to other formats and also convert other formats to a PDF

Mobile support

Though most crucial editing is done on a desktop, one can urgently edit or review a document through their mobile devices. When choosing a good PDF, ensure that you can access the software on your mobile device and work on it effortlessly. 


Most business dealings are security-sensitive. Therefore, it is essential to have a suitable PDF that can secure an individual’s data or a company without any form of threat. A good editor should provide password protection, content redaction, and permission setting. Businesses cannot risk having spies or competing businesses lay hands on their files, because it could cause a lot of damage.

Before listing other Adobe Acrobat alternatives, we must mention Abode Acrobat Pro DC. This software offers the ability to create, edit, review, and utilize its security features. Adobe Acrobat is preferable toAbode Acrobat Pro DC. However, the recent redesign has made navigation of the software more seamless for users. One of its noticeable advantages is the cloud subscription option is advantageous to individuals and small businesses advantages.

Adobe Acrobat Alternatives Free and Paid

Now, for users with a tight budget but seek similar benefits to an Adobe Acrobat. The following are Abode Acrobat Alternatives:


PDFChef by Movavi

PDFChef by Movavi is a neat PDF editor that works both for Windows and Mac. The main advantage of the app is its slick user interface. Also, it boasts great working speed.

It’s my first go-to app when recommending an alternative to Adobe Acrobat. Of course, PDFChef can’t be in the same league as Acrobat Pro, since it is much cheaper and much easier to use this software. That means it doesn’t have all the abundance of features Acrobat has but PDFChef makes the work done. Especially if you need simple operations like adding text and images, removing or turning pages, converting PDFs to other formats.

Pros of PDFChef

  • Easy-to-use user interface.
  • A great number of necessary features.
  • Operating speed.
  • Convertation of PDF files.
  • Cheap price.

Cons of PDFChef

  • No OCR.
  • No Electronic signature.

Nitro Pro

nitro pdf

This software is suitable for professional usage. Nitro Pro encompasses every essential tool needed for a professional outlook with PDF files. It also offers a rich function PDF reader. However, it does not come in a mobile app, but it works via windows devices. With no need for a subscription, a company can purchase a single license, including supports and updates for the version purchased. Nitro Pro optimizes the OCR engines, such as scanning paper documents. You can create PDF files Nitro Pro and import other formats such as Excel, PowerPoint, and integrate emails. However, unlike Abode Acrobats, Nitro Pro does not support many formats but it is sufficient for practical daily usage.

The advantages of Nitro Pro include

  • User-friendly verification of digital signatures.
  • Security of shared documents through clouds
  • Allows for the easy modification of files through its multitasking features
  • Conversion to other formats
  • Easy access and quicker ways to share files

Foxit Phantom PDF

foxit phantom

Abode Acrobat costs three times more compared to Foxit Phantom, but the latter is considered one of the best alternatives to Abode Acrobat. This is mainly because of its economic advantage and valuable tools. Foxit Phantom can conveniently accommodate more than one user on the same budget. It is easily installed and works well with existing PDFs without drawbacks. It has no bloatware, so it is easy to deploy without wasting computing resources. It also offers excellent protection against securities problems. Its safe reading mode prevents unwanted remote interference by hyperlinks or JavaScript. Furthermore, a user can secure their document through electronic signatures; send the document through a protected connection, set timestamps, and blackout classified information

One of the most noticeable advantages is the ability to have control of your content. The Foxit Phantomsupports ConnectedPDF features that allow for an extension of the ISO PDF standard to carry a unique identifier, therefore, leveraging on the cloud to be connected with your PDFs. This feature enables easy tracking and protection of documents. The software also offers a mobile app and cloud integration. If you want to control and overall power over your app, you will prefer this adobe acrobat alternative.

Foxit Phantom ensures the creation of tagged PDFs, conversion in barrier-free formats, and accessibility-check before publication. Foxit Phantom is not inferior to Abode Acrobat, but they are a few noticeable disadvantages;

  • The software’s official language is only the English language.
  • There are noticeable weak spots with JavaScript. The JavaScript should be off when the safe reading mode is on. 
  • You cannot access their hotline in other countries aside from the US. 

Qoppa Studio

Qoppa Studio

This PDF studio offers a relatively fair price for a great PDF editor. The company provides a desktop version and two different versions for smartphones. They include the free pdf viewer and pdf Notes, which enable a user to sign, edit, and comment using Android-powered devices. There is also the  PRO version of the PDF STUDIO, which comes with a complete PDF solution. This feature, however, comes at a price. 

Another of its product is the  STANDARD PDF STUDIO. This PDF solution is one of the most affordable options in the market. It is best for users who only want to read, comment, and create actions on the PDF document. The features extend to password and authorization, converting documents from MS Office but are limited to digital signatures, few image editing options, and saving a PDF as a document. The Pro Version can only offer this.

Nuance Power PDF

Nuance Power PDF

Nuance Power PDF is known for its precise OCR conversion. The company helped develop the software “Siri” for Apple, and they showed the same expertise in the software. The software recognizes and reads text directly in the program. The software has an audio output in multiple languages, making it accessible to many countries all over the world. One of its advantages is the ability to edit scanned text. The software has two editing modes, advanced editing, and check/comment. When commenting, you can conveniently share documents with authorized users, set callouts, and mark passages. When using advanced editing, you can modify paragraphs, change formats, and include texts.

One of the most praiseworthy features of the Nuance Power PDF is that it allows you to edit images in the program directly and add effects without any difficulties. You can also include symbols and clip arts from the menu to your word documents.

The software, however, has its disadvantages. They include:

  • No smartphone app
  • No free reader
  • Nuance Power PDF Website is not clear.

Sejda PDF Editor

Sejda PDF Editor

SEJDA PDF EDITOR is an excellent Abode Acrobat alternative. Like most software, it has its advantages and its disadvantages. SEJDA Cloud is a web application that can convert, divide, merge, and compress PDF documents from other formats seamlessly. The desktop version can be obtained freely for a limited period, such as a trial period, after which you will subscribe or pay for a license. SEJDA PDF EDITOR and SEJDA Cloud are different, only in the sense that the former processes all tasks locally on your Personal Computer. At the same time, the latter saves your documents on the Sejda Server. The software has a straightforward user interface and suitable for individuals on the go. The software, however, has a wide range of limitations. The software has no menu bar, and it is not suitable for long projects because it saves every task.

PDF X-Change Editor

PDF X-Change Editor

This software includes packages such as creation, editing, and commenting compatible PDF documents. Like most software, it comes with digital signatures and Optical Character Recognition. It has various versions, such as PDF X-Change Standard and PDF X-Change Pro. The former is sufficient for simple tasks, such as converting files into PDF format and printing them. On the other hand, the latter contains all the features of PDF X-Change Standard and editors and tools. 

For more advanced applications, you can create a Form with the Pro version of the software. This version also makes it easy to edit PDF documents and create new PDF files. You can convert your PDF documents into text or images using PDF tools. PDF editor, on the other hand, you can also make comments on documents using mark-ups or notepads. It also offers protection for sensitive information. 

When editing an image, the PDF editors access a program, enabling it to rotate, move, and edit texts at will. PDF Editor also allows the creation of links that people can click, QR codes, and stamps. The disadvantage to look forward to is that the PDF editor cannot easily edit individuals’ words.

A free adobe acrobat alternative such as an online PDF editor is a considerable adobe pdf alternative but not the best for specific reasons. A lot of these online editors also come with watermarks. It allows you to add text and comments, merge and split documents but rarely gives you access to edit existing files.

Overall, PDF X-CHANGE EDITOR is very affordable when compared with Adobe Acrobat and offers you a wide range of valuable functions. The customizable toolbar and the readout selected texts are some of the software bonuses. The noticeable disadvantage is the trial version’s apparent watermarks, and the detailed text editing can be cumbersome.

More Adobe Acrobat Alternatives 

For more Adobe Acrobat Alternatives, you can check out the following: 

  • iSkySoft PDF Editors 6 Professional
  • PDF Complete Office Edition 4.2
  • PDFelement Pro 7
  • Power PDF Advanced 3
  • PdfForge
  • PDF Architect 6 professional
  • PDF Reader Pro

Conclusion on Adobe Acrobat Replacement

In conclusion, the importance of an adobe acrobat alternative editor cannot be overrated—either a standard or a premium version. Individuals, small businesses, and large businesses need it. One of the advantages of a PDF is that it can be read and edited in any program, even if it did not create it. 

We hope that with the above points we have listed, you have a better guide and a blueprint to help you decide what is the Best Adobe Acrobat Alternative for you or your business. After making your final decision, you can source the adobe acrobat alternative that best suits your needs, financial status, and operational abilities.

If you’re looking for more software alternatives then check our article The Best Google Docs Alternatives.

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