Adobe Premiere Rush Review

Looking for a cool tool to add another star to your social media ‘ranking,’ then the Adobe Premiere Rush CC is the tool for you to get the juice flowing in a ‘rush.’ Let’s dig into this Adobe Premiere Rush Review.

Personally, I believe the name says it all – it helps you do all you already know how to do in a ‘rush.’ A technical look at the features would leave you wondering why you didn’t opt for a more competent tool like the Magix Movie Edit Pro, Power Director, Adobe Premiere Elements, Corel Video Studio or the iMovie.

But if you are just like millions out there who just want to take a dive into the world of ‘video editing,’ you could care less if the missing features and just go with the flow.

Do not get me wrong, the Adobe Premiere Rush CC is a great tool for video editing but it doesn’t come near its competition when it comes to functions and features.

However, the Adobe Premiere Rush CC has been tested and proven to offer the basic rudiments necessary to make and upload amazing videos as quickly as possible. Adobe Premiere Rush users are provided with the opportunity to do more than just edit videos to their desired style. They are also allowed to upload edited videos to social media platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Snapchat, Vimeo, Twitter, and Instagram.

What is Adobe Premiere Rush CC?

adobe premiere rush on a laptop and iphone

To start the Adobe Premiere Rush review we need to understand what it is. The multi-platform video editing tool which was initially termed the Project Rush (now known as Premiere Rush CC) is designed with a user-friendly interface that allows both beginners and experts in the world of video editing’ to find their way through the software without any difficulties.

According to Adobe, this mobile and desktop-based platform is specially designed to cater to the ‘video needs’ of video creators. The platform which is supported by desktop and iOS only is currently being upgraded to a version that can be supported on Android devices too. This new development is expected to come to the general public in 2019.

Although, it lacks some capabilities (like Freeze-frame, Multicam, green screen, and motion tracking), – compared to its competition – the Adobe Premiere Rush CC, is furnished with lots of interesting features to help video creators and social media influencers to produce high-quality amazing videos that are sure to keep their audience engaged and entertained. Some of these features include title screens, basic color adjustment tools, transform tools, multi-timeline video and audio editing, audio processing, transitions, and presets.

To complement the missing features, Adobe Premiere Rush CC has been incorporated into the Pro version – Premiere Pro CC – to allow users to continue editing Premiere Rush CC files in Premiere Pro CC, which is, of course, a better video editing tool with a wider range of features and functions. So, you do not have to worry so much about the limited transitions, absent key-framing, or other missing features as you can start your video editing project on the Premiere Rush CC and give it a finishing touch in the Premiere Pro CC.

As amazing as the Premiere Pro CC is, we cannot deny the fact that the Premiere Rush CC has some advantages over it. For example, the difficulty with exporting files experienced with the Premiere Pro CC version is not seen in the Premiere Rush CC. Instead, it allows for a seamless and faster transfer of contents. I guess it is just great for what it is after all. You should give it a try!

How Does It Work?

This video editing tool is pretty easy to use. As with the tradition of Adobe, the tool comes with a user-friendly interface that helps users navigate through without any difficulty. It is pretty snappy and responsive.

On getting started, you will have to install the app and synchronize it with your Adobe Creative Cloud account by logging into your account. This would help synchronize your media files between both devices. To help reduce the challenges for newbies, the app treats every first-timer to a tutorial to introduce them to the screen elements.

Upon inception of a project, you are required to enter the project title and select the media for the project. After this, you click on the ‘create’ option to begin the project. It is that simple!

A Peep into Adobe Premiere Rush CC’s Storage Space

You do not have to export the files to your phone storage or hard disk as the files are synchronized across the cloud for more convenience. Thus, it is possible to access your files anywhere and from any device. The Premiere Rush CC subscription plan comes with a cloud storage space of 100 gigabytes, which can be upgraded to 10TB.

Is Adobe Premiere Rush Actually Free or Do I Need to Subscribe?

adobe premiere rush user interface

Although the free Premiere Rush CC Starter Plan allows you access to all the features it contains, it limits the number of finished files you can export to three. This means that you are allowed to create as many files as you see fit but you can only export three of these files with the free trial mode. You will have to pay a token as a subscription fee to be able to export as many files as you create.

The single app plan costs about $10 per month for individuals and $20 per month for teams. The app is also available to Student plan, Creative Cloud All Apps, and Premiere Pro CC single app subscribers.

While some people see the pricing as a little pricey, – because it offers less than its competitors who charge less – I believe it is a fair price for the features it contains. Let’s continue our Premiere Rush Review with pros and cons.

Noteworthy Pros and Cons

As with any other app, Adobe Premiere Rush CC comes with a number of pros and cons. While it may seem as it is not up to the expected standard – when compared to its competitions, – it also comes with some pretty amazing pros that make it stand out of the crowd. Let’s take a quick look at some of these pros and a few noteworthy cons.


  • It comes with a user-friendly interface that is snappy and responsive
  • It is pretty simple to use and offers necessary guidance newbies
  • It allows Adobe users to easily create amazing videos that can be tailored to their desired taste.
  • Exporting files are seamless compared to its counterparts
  • It comes with good color and title tools as opposed to most of its competition
  • The finished files can be easily uploaded to different social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • It synchronizes projects between desktop and mobile allowing for better ease of use.


  • It is a bit pricey compared to its competitions
  • It is quite slow in rendering projects
  • It supports only three transitions
  • The app cannot specify the exact format for output files
  • It doesn’t come with storyboard templates
  • It contains limited video and audio editing tools
  • It lacks many standard video effects

Premiere Rush Review – Final Words

the interface of adobe premiere rush cc on a mobile

I think it is a great app for entry-level video editors and professionals who want to try something different. I believe Adobe Premiere Rush CC is yet to find its place yet, time would prove how much it offers and its place among contemporary video editing tools. For those who still find as not-good-enough, you can always opt for Adobe Premiere Pro CC, which is one of the best video editing tools at the moment. But if you are not in a ‘rush’ or professional editing tools, then the Adobe Premiere Rush CC is the perfect tool to design and upload customized videos in a rush.

To get Adobe Premiere Rush CC follow this link to the official website.

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