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Adobe Spark Review

With an increasing amount of searchers who prefer a one-stop page, I guess it is safe to conclude that Adobe Spark is just the spark you need to create engaging content, presentations, product pages, photo galleries, wedding stories, and the likes.

Are you in search of a tool to help you create visual stories and posts? Then, you are in luck as the Adobe team has done a complete makeover of their former product to a web-based tool called Adobe Spark, which is equipped with amazing features (Spark Post, Spark Videos, and Spark Page) that allows marketers, service providers, journalist, and the likes to reach their audience through engaging contents.

Adobe Spark Review – What is Adobe Spark?

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Adobe Spark is a ridiculously easy-to-use tool that allows you to reach your audience on a single page. While that is perceived as an advantage because most searchers would rather opt for a one-stop page that contains the necessary information, some people are of the opinion that it is not a competent tool as it does not allow you to create more than one page.

Whichever school of thought you stand with, an indisputable fact is that Adobe Spark gives you so much for so little. There is no subscription fee, download, or monthly upgrade needed. For virtually nothing – besides joining the platform through your email or Facebook account – you get to create and share amazingly interesting Web and social content as quickly as possible. Trust me, you can’t beat it!

I guess you already know that as you are here to learn more about the free magic website-builder tool. Well, you can rest assured that you are on the right page as we have compiled a detailed unbiased review of all you need to know about Adobe Spark.’

Hop in as we take a ride through the various ways you can use Adobe Spark, the features it is equipped with, the pros and cons of using Adobe Spark, and other related questions. Shall we!

Adobe Spark Applications

As with other top-notch website-builder tools, Adobe Spark cuts across a wide range of applications. This graphic tool allows you to do so much more than edit photos and write stories. With Adobe Spark, you can create newsletters, product pages and catalogs, business portfolios, landing pages, social media contents (posts, headers, infographics, etc.), non-fiction stories, project presentations, single-page websites, promotional videos (including animated videos), and a whole lot more. Just what you need to spark up your business!

Okay now, you are bought. Let’s take a look at some important features that make up this amazing tool and how these features work. Let’s go!

The Three Major Features of Adobe Spark

As I mentioned earlier, Adobe Spark comes with some pretty easy-to-use features that help you perform all of the aforementioned applications. Although there are lots of such amazing features, I would love to concentrate on three major features – Spark Post, Spark Video, and Spark Page.

1. Spark Page

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The Adobe Spark Page, formerly known as Adobe Slate, is a great tool that allows you to create eye-catching single-page website stories. This feature is designed to help users create event recaps, info pages, catalogs, social memes, photo journals, portfolios, and lots more. The Adobe Spark Page also allows users to embed videos, animations, photos, etc. to their web stories. With an award-winning company like Adobe – the maker of photoshop – you can rest assured that the tool is furnished with a user-friendly interface that allows just about anyone – beginners and professionals alike – to easily navigate through. Also, you do not have to worry about low-quality photos or pages being unresponsive. Adobe Spark got you covered!

2. Spark Post

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Thinking of a tool to create cool graphics in record time? Look no further than the Adobe Spark Post. This ridiculously easy-to-use tool is designed to allow Adobe users to create seamless professional graphics, social posts, memes, inspirational quotes, invitations, announcements, and so much more in a split second. Like other features in Adobe Spark, the Adobe Spark Post comes with some pretty easy-to-follow steps that any beginner or expert can easily apply. This feature is equipped to guide you through the creation process so that you can create a professionally attractive design that is properly balanced. The Adobe Post also contains features that help Adobe users to add and remove effects such as color scheme, themes, layouts, filters, fonts, etc. What’s more? Users are also provided with the option to share the created stories on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

3. Spark Video

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The Adobe Spark Video is a great tool for creating short interesting videos. This feature provides users with the opportunity to do so much more than just record a video. With the Adobe Spark Video, users can create live and animated videos which could be a combination of video clips, images, texts, animations, audio clips or effects. Adobe users are also provided with an opportunity to make the video unique by adding their voice to it and editing the video to taste both during and after recording. This video editing tool is great for creating presentations, lessons, greetings, invitations, animated videos, and so much more. Like other features of Adobe Spark, the Adobe Spark Video comes with easy-to-follow steps and it is furnished to guide you through the entire process. From the onset, Spark Video provides guidance and motivation to keep the juice flowing until the end of the story. The feature contains a Story Template that helps serve this purpose. You can choose among the list of templates (Tell What Happened, Personal Growth, A Hero’s Journey, An Invitation, Promote an Idea, etc.) or the start option to begin from scratch. And it doesn’t stop there; the Adobe video tool keeps reminding you to be time conscious and keep the story while providing other assistance and motivations to keep you going. Amazing, right? But do not forget that the video time is limited.

Adobe Spark Review – Pros and Cons

Like every other thing in life, Adobe Spark comes with both pros and cons.


  • The platform is designed with a user-friendly interface that makes it pretty easy to use.
  • It is a great tool to create and share attractive web and social content.
  • It is fast and fun to use
  • The tool is available both on mobile and desktop.


Despite these alluring features, Adobe Spark comes with a few limitations. Some of these are;

  • Each design contains a watermark. Although this can be curbed by upgrading to a premium user, it is yet a drawback for users who intend to use the free version only.
  • The webpage builder does not support embedding HTML elements.
  • Compared to their main competition, Canva, the graphics creation tool is quite unresponsive.
  • Video formatting is limited
  • Some social media outputs are not available
  • Limited recording time

Other Related Questions

Is It Required to Upgrade to the Premium Version?

Adobe spark is a free web-based graphics tool that requires no download, subscription fee, or any other payment. But the amount of freedom provided to users on the free trial basis is limited, necessitating the need to become a premium user. The addition of a watermark to designs is also curbed using the premium version. So, I would say it is not compulsory but if you are dissatisfied with the free version, you can always upgrade for a better experience.

Is there an App for Adobe Spark?

As with the norm of Adobe, Adobe Spark is subjected to more upgrades to cater to the needs of Adobe users. What started as a tool for creating social content is now being used for so much more. The web-based version is great but there is a need to incorporate the features into an app to enhance the ease of use. Well, have no worries as the app version is already out for Apple phones and I believe the app version for androids is underway.

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