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Simple Chrome Extensions Could Save You Cash

The world has been through drastic changes since 2020. These changes are primarily due to the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. The world was thrown into lockdown, and many comparisons were being made to the dome in The Simpsons Movie. We have experienced and are still living through this global pandemic; we have shared memes, shopped online, and altered our way of living forever.  

When this pandemic first started, we’re going to predict that everyone with a smart device in the Western World will have been glued to their phone. Certain apps have flourished, like TikTok. We saw celebrities and “normies” alike trying to perform the latest trends.  

Additionally, some of us have been put under financial strain. Some people have been out of work for near enough a year, depending on your location. Although, here in the States, we’re pretty much back to normal. The United Kingdom, on the other hand, is still in a form of lockdown, and parts of Europe look likely to face a third wave of the virus.

As we need to save cash while we are increasingly online, Chrome, the world’s most popular browser, offers us a wealth of extensions that can save us time and money.

What Are Chrome Extensions?

Google Chrome is the leading browser globally because of its different functionalities. Google allows its user to customize how they browse online completely. You can change the color, font, background to suit your preferred aesthetic.  

Some extensions enhance the user experience, like increasing the loading and download speed. Generally, you see these icons on the right-hand side of your browser. If they’re active, they will usually be colored and display their logo.  

Three Simple Chrome Extensions, which Could Save You Money  


honey chrome extension

If you’re new to using money-saving extensions on Chrome, you should give Honey a try first. This extension is super easy to use and install. The great part is that the initial setup requires the most work, then it automatically works in the background.  

So, what is Honey? Honey is a money-saving application that can automatically apply the best coupon codes. It will always search for a way to save you the most money. The best way to describe this free Chrome extension is a cashback (Honey Gold) and coupon site.  

CyberGhost VPN

cyber ghost chrome extension

Discover why you need to be using a VPN when browsing the internet. Many of us have found ourselves becoming extremely reliant on being online. However, our online “freedom” has started to gain a lot of restrictions. A growing number of online cyberattacks mean that the internet is riskier.  

By that, we mean there are many hackers just waiting for an opening to exploit your data. So, even though a virtual private network won’t save you money directly. It will advertently protect you. Thus, saving you from fraud, financial hardship if a hacker was to gain your credentials.  

Plus, you can utilize the VPN to change your IP address and location so that you can gain access to the new DLC. It is a well-known fact that different countries have different catalogs for movies, TV shows, etc. For instance, American Netflix will differ from the United Kingdom. We checked why this happens, and it’s due to the production fees.  

Ultimately you should try the VPN Chrome extension to discover how easy it can be to protect yourself online. Finally, extensions like the Chrome CyberGhost VPN can save you money in the long run, as it protects and encrypts your information.  


ebates chrome extension

Ebates can be described as one of the leading cashback sites. Cashback means just that; you get a percentage of your cashback for partner sites. The great thing about Ebates is that it runs quietly in the background; you don’t really need to do much.  

Simply install the Chrome extension for free. You can set up alerts for your favorite stores or a specific store. The extension also works via the search bar; it will instantly highlight if there are any available coupons online. This app strives to save its customers money.  

We feel that it makes sense to at least try it, especially to try the new feature. Basically, it will provide you with notifications for Groupon Vouchers for nearby businesses. Eventually, the extension will begin to tailor itself depending on your search history. You can use this application as little as you want; it’s never been easier to get a deal online before.  

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