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ClickFunnels Review


A free 14-days trial

Flexibility of funnels


Page builder


Shopping cart


Email and network automation







  • It really works
  • Save time and money while making money
  • Integrations and centralization
  • Easy data tracking


  • Price
  • ClickFunnels owns everything
  • Hosting
  • No blog

ClickFunnels has quickly become one of the reference tools within digital marketing that tries to provide “everything” that a company or professional needs to “market, sell and deliver” their products or services, in the words of the company itself. But how true is this? Is it worth it or is it a scam? Today I’ll take a closer look at it in this ClickFunnels review, I will review its main functions, price, and features that have this website on everyone’s lips.

What is ClickFunnels?

In order to fully understand what ClickFunnels is and what makes this tool different, it is necessary to know what a funnel is in the world of digital marketing: this term is its distinguishing feature, as one of the main objectives of ClickFunnels is to facilitate the creation of really effective marketing funnels.

What are funnels used for? The marketing funnel is the metaphor that explains the process of converting a simple lead (a person potentially interested in the products or services of the business) into a customer who actually buys those products or services. Potential customers enter through the wider side of the funnel, and at the other end, you get the final customers your business needs.

ClickFunnels achieves this by offering tools to create, in a fast and optimized way, different funnels that achieve the conversions: landing pages, sales pages, webinar pages and more.

Clickfunnels has some solid advantages to help companies and future entrepreneurs achieve success, but not everything that can be said about the website is positive, as it has some disadvantages that many do not like. However, it remains a very good option to increase sales and leads significantly. Interested? It is time to dig a little deeper into this comprehensive marketing tool in this Clickfunnels review.

Are ClickFunnels worth it?


ClickFunnels was born as part of a need of its creator, Russel Brunson, to create funnels for different business projects with his team. In case you’re not aware of this, creating effective funnels is a process that takes weeks, even months, so when Brunson and his team figured out how to do it faster, they saw the potential it had as a product for the online marketing world. At that moment they started thinking about what they can do in order to other people could reproduce the success they achieved by speeding up the process of creating funnels.

In this way, they created a product that integrates different tools which allow the creation of funnels quickly, tools that otherwise you would have to use separately and then find a way to integrate it into your own website. ClickFunnels takes care of this and more, since it includes a page builder, and a pretty good one, since you don’t need to be an IT or graphic design expert to be able to create a landing page with a professional look: here you will find all the necessary tools, as well as templates and pre-determined appearances to make the job even easier. If you like to customize and modify every last inch of a website, you can also do it, because although ClickFunnels has different default aspects, it gives you the options of modification and customization.

So let’s dig into this honest ClickFunnels review and look through the main features the service has.

Page builder


ClickFunnels has its own easy-to-use web page editor with a large number of templates that can be adapted to businesses in different sectors, templates that can be intuitively customized and that are responsive, something fundamental today.

Within this editor, one of the most outstanding aspects is its funnel creator: according to certain variables (a type of business, objectives, type of client, sector, etc.), this tool can create very different funnels, always customizable by the user, with analysis of results and much more. An editor, which according to the company, is designed for users without computer knowledge.

Among the available templates, only those created by ClickFunnels are free. There is a gallery of templates created by different people, each adjusted to a different need, and with a range of prices according to their functions.

Shopping cart

Another highlight of the editor and ClickFunnels, in general, is the shopping cart it provides for your customers to use. It is a shopping cart that integrates perfectly into your website and facilitates the process of purchase and payment, without the need to resort to third-party platforms, which could lead to incompatibilities or other errors.

Email and network automation

With ClickFunnels you can automate certain email and social network tasks. This is possible thanks to its application Actionetics, which allows the creation of lists or the sending of personalized messages, depending on the activity of the leads.



Each funnel created with this tool can be associated with an affiliate program to encourage other users to expand your products or services. Something that until now was delegated to third party platforms, with the consequent duplication of tasks, problems arising from incompatibilities and the cost associated with that service, but ClickFunnels brings it integrated into its “Backpack”.


Another interesting function of ClickFunnels is the creation and management of membership sites in an easy and fast way.


Another function associated with ClickFunnels is customer relationship management, which aims to improve communication with the customer, not only to make the user experience better but also to have better information about them and proceed to a correct segmentation, a faster response to their requirements, etc.

ClickFunnels Pricing


The price of ClickFunnels is higher than most competitors, perhaps because of this, the website of this company does not show their rates as openly as they do other alternative platforms. In fact, the only way to know their prices is to start the process of requesting a free trial for 14 days.

There are 2 pricing plans to make use of this website: StartUp plan, also known as “ClickFunnels plan”, and Etison Suite, which is called Full Suite. The StartUp plan, which is aimed at companies and entrepreneurs starting out in the world of digital marketing, has a cost that many consider somewhat high, as does the price of the Full suite. Below I’ll show you:

  • StartUp/ClickFunnels Plan: $97 if you pay month to month, $997 if you pay all year at once. 
  • Etison/Full Suite: $297 paid monthly and $2997 paying full year.

If you’re good at math, you’ll have noticed that ClickFunnels gives you 2 months free of charge when contracting the year-long service, what no doubt is a very tempting offer, but that doesn’t change it is on the expensive side of the scale, particularly if we compare the service with the competition, where you can get plans that start at $25/mo.

Although it may seem expensive, if you look at it from the point of view of the functions and tools it offers, ClickFunnels pricing is more of an investment than an expense, since in the end, the purpose of this website is to increase the conversions visitor/end customer, which will undoubtedly bring more profits for your business. ClickFunnels results are worth it.

Another plus point is the options each plan offers, so to find out if its price is really worth it, I’ll talk about each plan.

StartUp Plan

ClickFunnels’ “basic” plan, priced at $97/mo, offers you:

  • A/B Split Tests.
  • E-mail Integration.
  • Optin Funnels.
  • ClickPops.
  • ClickOptin.
  • All Advanced Funnels.
  • Sales Funnels.
  • Membership Funnels.
  • Auto Webinar Funnels.
  • Webinar Funnels.
  • Hangout Funnels.
  • Order Pages.
  • Upsell Pages.
  • Downsale Pages.
  • Funnel Sharing.

This plan is limited by the number of funnels you can have (up to 20), the number of pages you can create (100) and the number of visitors you can get (20000). It is thought for companies that are starting up, entrepreneurs that don’t need much more than the plan offers and for all those people that want to start increasing their profits with the use of funnels.

Etison Suite / Full Suite

The complete ClickFunnels plan and the most expensive as well. At a cost of $297 per month, this suite includes everything you have available in the basic plan, and:

  • Priority Support.
  • Priority Template Requests.
  • Actionetics.
  • Visual E-mail Builder.
  • Manage E-mail Lists.
  • Send Broadcast E-mails.
  • Track Opens, and Clicks.
  • Auto Responder Series.
  • Action Funnels.
  • Send Location-Based E-mails.
  • Send E-mails Based on Social Media.
  • Flexible and Advanced Segmentation.
  • Lead Scoring and Action Scores.
  • Magic Social Contact Profiles.
  • Backpack.
  • Unlimited Affiliates.
  • Unlimited Commission Plans.
  • Easy to Setup 1-Click.
  • One Time Payments.
  • Subscription Plans.
  • Manage Affiliates and See Top Affiliates.
  • Manage Commissions Owed and Paid.
  • Branded Affiliate Sign up and Special Area.
  • Complete Customization.
  • SMTP Integrations.
  • Billing Integrations.

It is a quite complete plan and focused on all those companies to which the basic plan falls short and need more tools to grow. In addition, it does not have the limitations of the basic plan, that is, it has unlimited funnels, unlimited pages, and unlimited visitors.

Again, although the price seems somewhat high, I consider all the options, tools and features that ClickFunnels offers are worth their price. It should be seen as a necessary and rewarding investment for your company or business.

ClickFunnels trial offer

You can not make ClickFunnels review without mentioning the trial. Both plans offered by ClickFunnels come with a 14-day free trial, so you can take a look at it to see if it’s right for you. Although the purpose of this article is to satisfy your curiosity and find out if ClickFunnels is for you, there is nothing better than to try the website for yourself and decide if you want to hire its services before the 14 day period expires, since, after that, you will start to be charged depending on the plan you choose.

Click here to get a free ClickFunnels trial.

ClickFunnels’ audience target

Who is ClickFunnels for? 


In this ClickFunnels Review, I consider it is for small companies and all those people who are starting a business or who have certain problems to attract traffic to their website. Any of this will take full advantage of all the tools offered by this website. Entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers and all those merchants who sell a product or who can benefit greatly from creating an optimal landing page, are the main target audience of ClickFunnels.

This does not mean that if you already have time in the market you can’t use ClickFunnels for your benefit, on the contrary, with all the options offered, even the company with more trajectory can achieve some success with this website, but will not have the same impact as in a company that is starting.

Another important factor to take into consideration is that ClickFunnels is designed in a way that saves time and money to all its users, greatly facilitating the entire process of creating funnels and web design. You can see on their website different phrases like “you don’t need to be an IT expert”, “don’t spend money on designers”, “don’t waste time hiring staff or learning ultra-complicated things to design your landing page”, giving signs of being easy to use the site.

Who is ClickFunnels not designed for?

There is a certain audience that will not get the most out of ClickFunnels or is simply not the right place for their type of business. ClickFunnels is not for you if:

  • The price is too high for you: if you or your company can’t afford a minimum monthly payment of $97, then ClickFunnels isn’t for you yet. Keep in mind that you must see this as an investment and that the ROI is almost assured.
  • You are very limited in time: Learning to use ClickFunnels will depend entirely on your level of experience with computers, internet and tech in general. If you have some experience, in a couple of hours you will know everything you have to do. If it’s your first time in front of a computer, maybe a couple of days. If you don’t have the time to learn everything you need, you won’t be able to make the most of it.
  • Your type of business doesn’t sell a product or service: if you don’t have a product to promote or sell, you could only take advantage of a little less than half of what ClickFunnels has to offer, so think carefully if you want to invest a minimum of $97 for a service that you can take advantage of just partially.
  • The ClickFunnels system doesn’t fit into your marketing strategy: there are many digital marketing strategies and some very different from each other, this opens the possibility that the sales funnels are not as productive for some companies as they are for others. It is necessary to consider your current marketing strategy to see if ClickFunnels can bring you an extra benefit or if it is not worth investing in their tools.   

How to use ClickFunnels


I see a lot of people asking “How to use ClickFunnels?”, but I don’t think any of those people have used the website. 

I won’t lie to you because that’s why this is called ClickFunnels review: it’s not ultra-easy to create the perfect landing page, but its learning curve is really simple, in an afternoon you can learn practically everything you need to create your own funnels. The page gives you quite complete instructions and Faqs, and if this is not enough, you can contact support whenever you want, although it is not one of its best features.

How to use ClickFunnels, step by step.

Once the service is started, there are a number of steps to begin taking advantage of the tool. In short, there are 8:

  • Step 1: Choose the type of funnel. At the moment there are three options: Leads, Sales or Events.
  • Step 2: Add the elements that the funnel will have. User identification area, order forms, etc.
  • Step 3: Customize the funnel with colors, fonts, etc.
  • Step 4: Automation of capture tasks.
  • Step 5: Add products in the required phase of the process.
  • Step 6: Add resources in the phases that are useful, to guide or advise the client in certain aspects.
  • Step 7: Publish the funnel on the corresponding website.
  • Step 8: Analyze the funnel statistics, which can refer to various aspects such as the number of people who add to a list, the conversion rate of each funnel or the growth rate of your business sales.

Pros and cons of ClickFunnels

None Clickfunnels review would be complete without its proper pros and cons section: 


It works

Yes, ClickFunnels works on what it’s supposed to work on: create funnels efficiently to improve your web traffic and increase your sales. It is true that it has its cons and that there are certain “problems” with the website, but its main function fulfills it successfully.

Save time and money while making money

ClickFunnels promises to help you save time and money, and it really does. You have at your disposal all the tools to create funnels quickly and effectively, and best of all, you can do it yourself. Its simplicity allows you to dispense with web designers or “tech guys”, saving a good amount of money in the process. Also, this easiness allows you to create effective funnels that will increase your sales.

Integrations and centralization

One of the advantages of using this website is the number of tools that come integrated, as well as all the types of funnels that you can create in the same place. Forget about problems with incompatibilities between applications, the need to integrate third parties plugins and the whole process of joining all the pieces, in ClickFunnels you have everything in one place.

Easy data tracking

ClickFunnels has a dashboard where you can see all the data regarding the different funnels created, facilitating their review and monitoring.



ClickFunnels problems start with its price. The product is on the expensive side of the scale when compared to other similar websites, as the most basic plan starts at $97 a month, something no one just starting out would really consider, particularly with competitors offering their service starting at $25.

ClickFunnels owns everything

Another disadvantage is the ownership of the funnels since you never get ownership of them. If at any time you want to stop using the service, you will have to start all over again. I consider this as a way to make sure you stick with their services.


Hosting depends exclusively on ClickFunnels, so it’s a problem for everyone if the hosting server ever goes down.

No blog

Finally, something that I consider important when it comes to growing any website and attracting web traffic, is missing. A blog is an important part of any business, so any integration with your website should be on your own.

ClickFunnels Review conclusion

This ClickFunnels review has come to an end, but not before giving its verdict. Sincerely, I consider ClickFunnels to be an integral and solid tool that delivers what it promises. Doing a quick review, Clickfunnels integrates:

  • Landing page builder.
  • Shopping cart.
  • Intricate sales pages.
  • Members area content.
  • Affiliate systems.
  • Host webinars.

All this for a minimum of $97/mo, which if you have no trouble paying, you will be able to multiply quickly. Yes, there are different cons that could keep certain people and companies away, such as not being able to own the funnels you create, or that hosting depends completely on ClickFunnels, but considering all its positive aspects, it seems to me that the negative ones do not manage to tip the balance against it.

Coaches, speakers, retailers, and salespeople can take full advantage of the types of funnels they can create on this website, particularly if they already have a business with a website and want to increase their web traffic and sales.

As a verdict, I give it 4 out of 5, and it doesn’t get the 5 because all its cons have some weight, but not enough to overcome all its pros, its functions, tools and plugin integration.

Totally recommended if you want to implement sales funnels in your business. As always, you can make use of their 14-day free trial and see with your own eyes everything you have read in this ClickFunnels review.

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