essentialpim review

EssentialPIM Review

A working professional needs to keep a tab on all their work appointments. But this becomes very difficult while juggling with ever-increasing emails, tasks, and meetings. This is exactly where a personal information manager can come to your rescue. A few years back, you would have to employ a personal information manager by shelling out a hefty salary. But an improvement in technology is presenting us with virtual managers who can keep all your information collated in one place at a fraction of the cost. EssentialPIM offers a secure database for storing your data without having to blow a hole in your budget. Let’s dig deeper into this EssentialPIM review.

Let us now take a look at its features to gain a thorough understanding of this multi-platform software.

Data Synchronization

essentialpim interface

Gone are the days when you had to worry about searching for your data across various platforms as EssentialPIM collates everything under one roof. You can even access the same using different cloud services like iCloud, Google Calendar, CardDAV, CalDav, Office 365, etc. A scalable database saves your data constituting tasks, appointments, contacts, passwords, notes, and email messages. As result, you don’t have to toggle between services, applications, platforms, and devices for accessing the data. 

Data Collation

You can take a bird’s eye view at your daily tasks using the Daily Agenda feature. Data is collected by the software from various sections like calendar, tasks, and notes for being presented under a single roof. This is particularly helpful for people running on a hectic schedule. All of its features can even be synced with your iOS and Android phone so that you can brush up on your daily meetings by simply taking a look at the software from your smartphone. 

The ‘Tasks’ tab allows defining sub-tasks for bringing in greater time savings by providing your employees with a graphical guideline of works to perform. You can even switch to the ‘Plain’ task feature for decoupling the ‘Subtask’ routine. The tasks can be segregated on the basis of color or icon for helping you with the search. It becomes super easy to handle the data coupled with the export function and easy printout option. You can take notes of important affairs in tree-like, table, and flatforms. EssentialPIM also allows the insertion of tables, photos, and drawings in the notes for more visually pleasing results.

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Professionals meet with new business contacts on a daily basis. EssentialPIM allows saving their details in different groups with ‘Job Title’ and ‘Company’ name for easy data search. The saved contacts are synchronized with Google and Microsoft Outlook on your Android and iOS devices. 

Data Security

Advanced data protection features of EssentialPIM can keep you protected against all online security threats and other surveillance activities. It relies on the AES 256-bit encryption for further enhancing the level of data security. Sensitive data and private information stay protected for establishing a secured communication line between the servers and client apps. None of your data leaves the system apart from data synchronization which utilizes SSL certificates for offering you complete peace of mind. This is the technology that is also used in the online banking sector. 

User-Friendly Interface

In spite of packing in superior features, EssentialPIM is extremely easy to use. This helps the software in catering to even novice users coupled with its easy functionality and simple design. The personal information management tool resembles Microsoft Outlook in its operation making it a top choice of people seeking out the perfect balance of performance and user-friendliness. The advanced configuration of this tool is divided into multiple sections and this can be changed according to your preference. All you need to do is drag the borders to get personalized and clutter-free results. 

Control Over Data

EssentialPIM makes it both easy and convenient to organize and access your data from one place with optimum flexibility. Cross-linking options help with quick navigation between related items. Different items can be tagged for being treated as a uniform project. 

Complete Portability

You can operate EssentialPIM directly from your USB flash drive and similar portable devices. All data and settings are stored in a dedicated folder in this removable media without any signs on the host system. Industry-standard AES 256-bit key encryption keeps the data safe even in the case of media theft. 

Multi-Language Support

EssentialPIM supports different languages like German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Dutch, Swedish, French, Chinese, and Polish for catering to a wider user base on a global scale. 

Free & Paid Variants

EssentialPIM comes in both paid and free variants. The free trial version of EssentialPIM Pro can be availed for 30 days following which you can shift to the paid version by paying $39.95   (for desktop/portable variant), $79.95 (for a lifetime license), $59.95 (for business variant), or $99.95 (for lifetime license on Business variant).

Final Words on EssentialPIM Review

This software can handle a variety of data at one go. Improved mobile app functionality and cross-platform nature of the tool makes this Outlook alternative the perfect solution for all modern-day professionals.

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