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How to use TeamViewer

Emergencies can happen anytime when you are using a computer. Just imagine that you have an important assignment to complete and the important files related to the task are on the laptop lying on your bed. There are chances that you have come home early from the office to complete an important report but you have left all the stats in your PC at the office. You cannot run back to your office or home to get the files that you need. A better solution in this situation is using TeamViewer.

What is it and how to use TeamViewer?

You might be wondering what is TeamViewer. It’s a very powerful tool that allows you to remotely access your computer over the internet. It is compatible with all types of operating systems. The remote control allows you to easily retrieve all the files that you need.

Here we have step by step guide on how to use TeamViewer.

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1 – Download the software

It is important that both your devices have TeamViewer installed that you want to connect using the software. In order to get started, you must download it on your device from the official website.

2 – Installation

Once you have downloaded the software it is important that you complete the installation process. You have to click on Run and accept your license agreement. Then make sure that both boxes are checked if you want to proceed. You will have to select the option of personal use and then click on Next. It will take you to set up unattended access. After that, you just have to click Next and wait for TeamViewer to install on your device.

3 – Make your account

You will have to share the password of your computer on the next screen. Click on next and it will take you to the screen where you have to enter your email address and make a password. Assure that you note down your password for future use. Click on Next and the process is completed.

4 – Activation is important

At this point, you will have to activate your account and for that, you will have to check your email for the message sent by TeamViewer. The team has shared a long link with you on which you will have to click for the activation of your account and you will become a registered user.

teamviewer interface host panel screenshot

5 – Download TeamViewer on other devices

Make sure that you or someone else follow the same process on your other PC or laptop as well. Once TeamViewer is available on both devices you can take control. However, when downloading the software on the other PC you have to checkmark the box that says “I already have a TeamViewer account”. You will have to enter your email address and password of your previous account and you will get access to TeamViewer on both devices.

6 – Take control of your device

It is time to have full control of your device. You will have to enter the ID number into the partner ID box and click on connect partner. Then you have to enter the password of your TeamViewer account. The desktop of the other PC will appear on your laptop and you can use it the way you like.
Now you know how does TeamViewer works. Make sure that you have it on all your devices, so you can use it in case of emergency.

teamviewer interface quick support screenshot

Conclusion on how to use TeamViewer

I hope that after reading this article you know how to use TeamViewer. If you’d like to learn more about software then check our guide – How to get Adobe Acrobat for Free.

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