movavi screen recorder review

Movavi Screen Recorder Review

Often we are faced with the need to show another person what is happening on the screen. Usually we limit ourselves to simple screenshots, but they do not always allow us to fully convey all the necessary information. When you want to show your interlocutor the instructions on how to perform a certain action on the computer, it is more convenient to record a video with voice guidance. Learn in this Movavi Screen Recorder Review that the app is designed to do just that.

Movavi Screen Recorder is a handy program for taking screenshots. With it, you can easily create a video guide, record any program or game, or even download any video from the internet. In this article we will tell you how to use the program and which features are particularly useful.

Getting Started

screen recorder adjust size

To get started, launch the Movavi Screen Recorder program. Select the area you want to record on video. You can either enter the area manually by moving the window boundary or choose from a list of available areas.
You can set the sound recording or webcam settings on the Workspace pane. Just click on the corresponding icon to activate the webcam, recording system sounds or recording from the microphone. Set the desired frame rate and configure additional settings. For example, you can fully control keystroke and mouse click capture. Among the settings available: displaying keystrokes, highlighting the cursor and changing the volume of mouse clicks. After setting up, press the “REC” button.

Editing Videos

screen recorder edit video

After recording video, we can edit the resulting clip, to be more precise, make a slicing. Let’s use the Scissors tool. Set the slider at the beginning of the fragment you want to delete. Click on the “scissors” icon. Repeat the same action, putting the slider at the end of the fragment. Then click on the obtained fragment and click on the “trash can” icon. That’s how easy slicing is.

Downloading video from the Internet

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Movavi Screen Recorder lets you easily download any video from the internet, including Vimeo. Usually video sharing sites don’t even allow you to download them, or they do, but they have restrictions on how they can use them. You can install a third-party video downloader, but there’s a small risk that your computer will pick up a virus. Movavi Screen Recorder lets you save video clips with no risk to your PC. The principle of the download is simple: set the recording boundaries around the video and click record with the system sounds.

Bottom line

Video tutorials are a convenient and easy way to show others how to use a program. They are easy to create with Movavi Screen Recorder. Movavi Screen Recorder lets you record not only instructional videos, but also games and online videos. Movavi Screen Recorder is especially useful because of its ability to record system sounds and sounds from the microphone. Besides, you can cut a recorded video right in the program.

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