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Adobe introduces new video editor Project Rush

UPDATE: Check out our review on Adobe Premiere Rush CC.

On 19 of June 2018 Adobe introduced new cross-platform software Project Rush. It aims to appeal to video editors who want to edit on multiple devices — from smartphones of PC.

I’ve gathered some interesting facts about Project Rush that summarize all that is known about the app this far.

What is Adobe Project Rush

  • Project Rush is a cross-platform all-in-one video app. It will be available on PC, Mac, iOS and Android.
  • Project Rush has build-in camera function. It works on mobile devices.
  • You can do video editing on the smartphone, tablet and desktop. All edits are automatically synced using Adobe Cloud. That means you can start editing on the smartphone and finish it on your computer.
  • Project Rush aims at people who love to share their videos on social networks. That’s why app has some advanced function on sharing your work.
  • There is a function to make a thumbnail of your video and schedule the publication to multiple social platforms.
  • Project Rush is not a tool for professionals, but for everyone’s everyday use.
  • It supports highly customizable Text Titles — Motion Graphics Templates. It seems that they would work somewhat similar to Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Adobe Stock is integrated right into the app to get you new Motion Graphics Presets.
  • Color correction would include filters and some more advanced way to edit colors (LUT, maybe? Let’s hope). Color correction is powered by Premiere Pro.
  • Project Rush has sound processing that is powered by Adobe Audition. It will allow you to quickly improve audio quality and reduce noises. Also it would have an instrument to one-click duck the background music — it will be quiter when someone speaks.

Apply to the Adobe Project Rush beta

A man holding an iPhone with Adobe Project Rush

Adobe also has given everyone a chance to try out the beta build. I’ve already applied and waiting for my download link. You can apply for the beta clicking this link. It’s completely open and can be accessed on desktop, iOS or Android device.

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