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Photolemur 3 Pre-order starts now

Photolemur 3 is the first automated photo enhancer for Mac and Windows. It improves your photos automatically with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

The interface of the program is as simple as it gets – you just drag your photo or choose it via browse and the software applies smart algorithms to improve images. Batch processing is also supported – you can edit multiple pictures at the same time.

The best thing about the software is that you don’t need any experience with complicated professional software – Photolemur does all the hard stuff. You just need to pick your favorite shots.

Photolemur 3 features

  • Sky enhancement
  • Color recovery
  • Exposure compensation
  • Foliage enhancement
  • Skin smoothing
  • Eyes enhancement
  • Teeth whitening
  • RAW processing
  • New menu for opacity settings
  • Quick access menu for face enhancement, lens correction and eye enlargement
  • Apply settings from one image to all images in batch
  • SmugMug Export (for Mac version)
  • Performance and stability boost
  • Photo filters

Aside from all the quality enhancements you can pick the color style that you like the most. Here are the two examples from the official website:

The example of the car photo processed with Photolemur Apollo filter
Photolemur Apollo filter
The example of the car photo processed with Photolemur Evolve filter
Photolemur Evolve filter

Photolemur 3 release date and price

Pre-order has already started. The release date is set on the 14th of September 2018.

Pre-order has a 35% discount. The price right now is $35, the price after release is $55.

Also, there are some bonuses that come with pre-order:

  • The Shotkit EBook
  • The 2018 Gear Guide
  • $300 Off a multi-day (3+ day) Iceland Photo Tours

Where to get Photolemur 3?

You can get the program from the official website.

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