sound forge pro 13

SOUND FORGE Pro 13 is here!

New SOUND FORGE Pro 13 was just released. That is really a treat for anyone who does audio recording, editing and mastering. For 25 years this software was a professional recording tool and a pro’s choice.

What is SOUND FORGE Pro 13?

It’a professional audio recording software. It can record up to 32 audio channels in one time which is extremely useful when recording a big band or a classical concert.

Audio editing is also an option with SOUND FORGE’s numerous effects options. Not to say about legendary precision and quality of editing.

SOUND FORGE is also great for mastering. Get your recording prepared for CD or restore an old clip – that is no brainer with SOUND FORGE Pro 13.

What’s new?

sound forge 13 interface

New interface

The interface is now presented in four hues. Icons were also redesigned for better user experience along with new docking function.

New VST engine

New VST engine is designed for more stability and speed when using VST plugins. It now has ARA2 interface.

New visualisation

Controlling levels is very important during audio recording. New Peak Meter V2 allows for a more precise and professional control.

SOUND FORGE 13 Pro pricing options

SOUND FORGE Pro 13 costs $399 and includes following:

  • New VST engine & ARA2 support
  • New mastering and delay effects
  • Recordings up to 64-bit/384 kHz
  • Redesigned interface
  • Powerful DSP algorithms
  • Plus, iZotope Ozone 8 Elements & RX 7 Elements

However, there is a great subscription option with SOUND FORGE Pro 365. It has just the same features but is much cheaper thanks to the subscription. The options are:

• 3-month subscription: for only $19.99/month
• 12-month subscription: for only $14.99/month

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