offline ost to pst converter review

Offline OST to PST Converter Review

Converting files from the OST format to the PST format is one of the most tedious tasks. To do the conversion, you’ll need to track down appropriate software, which isn’t always simple to come across. The Offline OST to PST Converter is one of the best software programs available, and we want to ensure that our readers know about it in case they’re seeking similar programs. It allows you to convert your .OST files into the more widely used .PST format, offline or online

 This program converts your files flawlessly without causing any data loss throughout the process and allows a risk-free migration of contacts, calendars, diaries, emails, and notes. This program converts encrypted .OST files to .PST files, enabling a more secure conversion procedure. All Microsoft Exchange items can be readily translated to Outlook’s most compatible format. This program is compatible with all the current and past versions of Microsoft Office, spanning from 2016 back to the first edition of Microsoft Office.

Using Offline OST to PST Converter to Fix a Corrupt .OST File

  1. .OST files may get corrupted if Outlook unexpectedly shuts down while you’re opening, syncing, or viewing an .OST file. For example, if Outlook is occupied with anything else and you wind up terminating it by clicking “End Task” in the Windows Task Manager, or if you end up shutting off the computer without adequately leaving Outlook and Windows, this might occur.
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  1. An .OST file saved on user computers that need to be synced with the Exchange server might lead to many conflicts referred to as synchronization errors during the synchronization process. These problems prevent opening any specific Outlook item, leaving the .OST in an orphaned state.
  1. Malicious malware and viruses that cause harm to Outlook and Exchange files are other factors that may cause an .OST file to become unavailable and render it useless. Any .OST files that have been corrupted may be restored with this program.

The Advantages of Offline OST to PST Converter Tool

This Offline OST to PST Converter provides you with trustworthy conversion software for converting all the data stored in offline storage (.OST) to files stored in personal storage (.PST).

The local system provides a storage location for an .OST file as a copy of the user’s Exchange mailbox. When the Exchange server is experiencing problems, this file will enable you to continue working without interruption. There are various reasons for exporting .OST file data to a .PST format, such as the need to retrieve .OST file data on a different local system, the damage or corruption of the .OST file, etc. This converter quickly and securely extracts the data inside the .OST files and stores them in a freshly generated .PST file. After that, the .PST file can be imported into Microsoft Outlook to access all the data.

With this software, you’ll be able to arrange and classify all your email messages according to Date, To, Subject, Form, Attachment, To, Type, and so on. 

This software allows you to search for and save individual email messages in an .OST file format. To, From, Date, and Subject are just a few ways in which you may use to narrow down the list of emails to be retrieved from the .OST and then converted to various file types – including .MSG, .RTF, .PDF, .EML, and .PDF.

It also ensures that all Exchange mailbox data inside an .OST file, such as contacts, emails, journals, attachments, notes, calendar entries, and so on, may be converted into .PST format. These objects include emails, attachments, contacts, journals, notes, and calendar entries. This program considers all risks, and skilfully avoids complications to ensure a flawless .OST to .PST conversion. Keep an eye on this program’s counter against each mail folder. It indicates the number of items that have been converted. Following the instructions, you can ensure that all items have been appropriately restored.

Features of Recovery, Converter Mode, and Scanning of Deleted Data

  1. It allows you to look for and save any individual email message included inside .OST files. You can do this from within the files themselves.
  2. Additionally, it allows you to restore all unavailable emails, contacts, tasks, calendars, diaries, and notes you have saved.
  3. After the scanning process is complete, it allows you to see all the recovered objects.
  4. Following a scan, it provides the ability to locate and organize emails.
  5. It can convert .OST files to .PST files for free, but only for up to 5 emails per folder.
  6. It stores the converted files in various formats, including .HTML, .RTF, .PDF, and .MSG.
  7. It is compatible with all the most recent versions of Microsoft Office.

Pricing Plans

The Offline OST to PST Converter offers three SMB pricing licenses in addition to its Enterprise pricing licenses. These include:

  1. Personal with a price tag of $39
  2. Business with a price tag of $59
  3. Site License, which can be bought for $99

Several essential aspects should be considered when ensuring the end user’s happiness. When purchasing any Email Management Software, it is vital, in our opinion, to look not only at how professionals assess the software in question but also at how actual individuals and businesses find it helpful in their day-to-day operations. When converting .OST files to .PST format, our investigation led us to conclude that the Offline OST to PST converter tool is not only straightforward to use, but also offers all the capabilities that a client needs from the converted program.


Every company has unique needs and expectations, and no one software platform is best suited for every case. Thus, it is a waste of time to look for the ideal software application that can satisfy all the needs associated with running a company. Modifying the solution to consider the specific requirements, unique demands, budget, skill levels of staff members, and other relevant factors is the most prudent and effective course of action. As a result of the above, one should not rush to sign up for any well-known leading program or system. Even though they are commonly used, they may not be ideal for your business’s needs or specific requirements. It is best to do a comprehensive investigation and thoroughly examine each short-listed program or system before making a final decision. The Offline OST to PST Converter is one of the finest solutions for converting .OST files to .PST files if you need specialized software. It provides a safe and secure method of converting .OST files into .PST files. There is also a preview of all recovered items, and a list of all objects that will be converted to .PST.

So, suppose you’re seeking a robust and dependable OST to PST converter program. In that case, it has all the above-mentioned exceptional capabilities that might be helpful if you’re having trouble converting and recovering .OST files. Additionally, it is reasonably priced and works with all contemporary versions of Microsoft Office.

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