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5 Best Stock Photo Websites

People would rather see images then read the text. That’s just how we’re built! Images convey an insane amount of information, comparing to text. That’s why I’d like to tell you about 5 Best Stock Photo Websites.

Visuals are not restricted to stock photos. Best Stock Photo Websites include photos, illustrations, videos and many many more. That’s a really neat thing because it’s unlikely that you have possession of many different images and videos made by yourself. Here is where Stock Photo Websites come in handy — you can by any media and use it with any commercial purpose. The great thing also, is that there are a lot of free stock images.

So without further ado let’s dig into 5 Best Stock Photo Websites!

1. Adobe Stock – the best Stock Photos site for photographers

adobe stock

Adobe stock is although new in this game, but it can provide you with the best quality images.

It highly complements Adobe Creative Cloud subscription because you can use it inside the Creative Cloud apps: Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Pro, and Illustrator.

A user can get the images from Adobe Stock by paying for them. You can get a monthly subscription to Adobe Stock or can get the option of the annual subscription. There is a massive amount of photos on Adobe Stock and you can select from any of them according to your requirements.

Also Adobe Stock is the best stock photo website for photographers. If you want to earn money selling your stock photos, then Adobe Stock is your choice because of the passionate community. The fees are also very nice.

2. Shutterstock – the biggest Stock Photos collection


Shutterstock’s huge library is a blast! By 2019 they have more than 270 million royalty-free pieces of media which are just an insane amount.

Shutterstock is one of the best stock websites that comes with three types of subscriptions, one is on-demand, the second is individual level, and the third is for agencies. If you want to get images on a regular basis then a monthly subscription can be beneficial for you, otherwise, it is best to get an annual subscription.

3. Depositphotos – the best Stock Illustrations


Depositphotos is a widely-known stock photo website with a lot of experience behind it’s back.

The field where it excels is Vector Images. I can not recommend a better option to buy Stock Illustrations. The library is vast and the quality is insanely high – you can easily imagine these media on top businesses websites.

Subscription plans vary in the time limit and the media pieces available to download. Plans are highly flexible so you can pay as small as $9.99 a month to $199 for insane 750 images.

4. Getty Images – The best quality Stock Photos


Do you want to find some hipster stock photos? Getty Images is a place to go!

It is the first stock photo website running from 1995. The experience allows them to attract the most beautiful pieces of photography and graphics that there are.

Getty Images is super easy to navigate – you can purchase images individually in different sizes or with different quality. And photos are not its only strong thing – Getty Images has millions of photos, illustrations, videos, and graphics. It’s really moving the world with images.

5. Unsplash – the best for free Stock Images


Unsplash is a free platform from where you can get your required images at no cost. It’s easily the best free stock photo site!

From Unsplash, you can get high-quality images that are clicked by professional photographers. You can get the exact images related to your project type due to the strong search tool of the splash. But if you do not have anything particular in your mind, then you can browse images to get a picture according to your wish. The library is vast so it’s easy to find a useful picture.

Why is it better to get photos from 5 Best Stock Photo Websites?

If you are not the best photographer then surely you want to get the best picture from an authorized source.    

  1. Quality of images
  2. No Copyright issues
  3. You can edit your image
  4. Use of an image in multiple projects
  5. Easy to use
  6. Availability of different sizes

Quality of Stock Photos

The biggest reason why people prefer to use images from stock photos sites is the quality of images. Comparing the quality of the image that you get from a stock image site with the quality of the image that you get from any ordinary resource is just impossible. That’s why it’s better for your users if you provide them with a clear and high-quality image for better representation of your business or any service. It is because a better representation can attract the user instantly. You can get the best quality images from stock photo websites for your projects.

No Copyright issues

Images from stock photo websites come with a legal guarantee. It can provide a level of satisfaction to the users that they will not get any kind of copyright issue after using that in their content. You can use the content of the stock photos website by staying regarding agreements. The use of images form the stock photos website is not going to cause any kind of moral right, trademark, copyright and any kind of intellectual property issue.

You can edit your Stock Images

According to your needs, you download large, small or medium image files from the stock photos websites. Then if you choose to spice it up to feel free to edit these images. It’s allowed to modify all the images that you are going to download from any stock photo websites according to the demand of your content. There is plenty of room that you can adjust the image according to the need of your business without facing any kind of problem.

By the way, if you need a photo editing software, check out our article – 14 Best Photo Editor Apps.

Use of an image in multiple projects

You can easily download your required images from any stock photos websites and can create consistent branding of your business by using those images. Once you have taken an image from any stock image website, now it is yours, you can use it in any or any number of projects according to your wish. These projects can be in the form of advertisement, website content, marketing, product marketing, news, book, app content, social media, TV presentation that you can share among your thousands of users easily. You can use any image of the stock photos website for your personal or business needs.

Easy to use

There are no hard and fast rules that you need to follow for using the images from stock photos websites. You just have to subscribe or sign up for any stock photos website, and all the images are available right at your fingertips without any delay. You can easily download the required images without any restriction of time. If you are going to buy images from any paid stock photos images, you can find all the previously purchased images saved in your account profile which you can use later without paying again for them.

Availability of different sizes

You can download images from stock photo websites in different sizes. Or you can mention the size which is required according to your needs. You can download the image after getting the specified size of the image and can use that in your project easily.

Stock photos images are pictures that are shoot by different photographers without any particular assignment. Photographers sent their photos pictures to the stock websites to be sold or licensed. The price of the stock images usually depends on their quality. In the end, it’s up to you to pick the best stock photos site. All of the three we’ve mentioned are really great. Just make sure that you like to pictures and ok with pricing.

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