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5 reasons to buy Sony a7

You’ve heard this big misconception. Mirrorless cameras are a thing for entry-levels photographers and DSLRs are the one and the only choice for pro and pro wannabes. And Sony a7 is no exception.

This misconception is long gone by now.

One of the reasons it’s gone is an existence of full-frame mirrorless cameras like Sony a7.

In this review we will discuss 5 top reasons to buy Sony a7 in 2018. And, of course, I just can’t keep silent about 3 reasons why you should not buy this camera. Let’s get going.

Reasons to buy Sony a7

1. Mirrorless Cameras are Light

Let’s get straight to the point why a usual guy or a girl like you and me want to get as far from DSLR as possible.

Having big and bulky DSLR you sometimes envy people who gets around with their small point and shoots. Your hands are tired, back hurts, camera bag is so big that you could fit all your wardrobe there — that’s how it is to have a DSLR.

Surely, if you are playing it like a pro, you would have a bunch of heavy lenses, spare batteries (even more true in case of mirrorless cameras like Sony a7), a tripod and other stuff.

But if you’re simply a photo enthusiast like me, who loves to take his snapshots with the best possible quality, you would definitely appreciate the lightness of Sony a7, when compared to big and bulky DSLR.

There are a lot of stories on the Internet, when people had bought mirrorless camera as a second one, which can easily be carried around, but fell in love with it. They end up with taking almost every photos with comparatively small but great shooting mirrorless camera.

2. Sony a7 is a Full-Frame. Truly

What is full-frame camera? That means that camera’s sensor has a size of 35mm film frame. Do you remember those? Film cameras were quite great, actually.

When digital cameras were only entering mass market their sensors were just tiny, comparing with full-frames. For example, my first digital camera Olympus C700 had crop factor of 6.44. That is just insane by modern standards. It basically means that C700 sensor is 6.44 times smaller than the one installed in Sony a7!

Full-frame sensor is an important reason, why this mirrorless camera makes such beautiful shots. Quality is simply perfect for the price.

Full-frame sensor of Sony a7 makes dynamic range of photos really high. It also helps with high ISOs — 12800 is no problem when you make a photo for web or small printing formats. Full-frame sensors tend to produce much less color noise comparing to their cropped congeners.

Lastly, big sensors lets you take photos with much more shallow depth of field. That’s just the way the physics works.

The black and white photo of the boy with the bicycle made on Sony a7
The photo made on Sony a7 – source

3. Great autofocus

Long ago it was the disadvantage of mirrorless cameras, but now it’s one of their bright sides.

Sony a7 has a hybrid autofocus. What is basically means is that it combines two autofocus technologies, contrast and phase, to get the best from both worlds.

It allows the camera to focus well on large areas of the scene and be less dependent on the brightness. What you get is faster and more precise autofocus. That’s what it’s for, doesn’t it?

4. Superb video recording

If you, like me, want to shoot some videos of your vacation — you should look no further.

Mirrorless cameras use live preview display and electronic viewfinder to output photo previews. DSLRs, on the contrary, using optical viewfinders. That means that DSLR needs to change the way of their work to shoot video, as it being previewed on live preview display.

As a result, mirrorless cameras are just a better fit for shooting video, autofocusing while shooting and so on. If you want both great photos and videos, you really should consider them.

5. Great controls

If you’re really into some semi-professional staff, you will be glad to know that Sony a7 has three handy controls to make shooting in manual mode a joy.

You have three dials one of which is dedicated to controlling the ISO, another to set aperture and the last one to change shutter speed.

This dials let you to set all the parameters in no time and get the perfect exposure.


The photo of a pelican scratching himself. Made on Sony a7
The photo was made on Sony a7 – source


Reasons NOT to buy Sony a7

Now let’s get to reasons why you shouldn’t buy Sony a7. And the first one is…

1. Expensive lenses

Sony optics for E-mount are very expensive. It’s even more true with lenses for full-frame cameras.

For example — Sony FE 50mm 1.8 lens costs $198 on the Amazon, while the same Canon EF 50mm 1.8 lens costs only $125.

Sony lenses are really good, no doubt, but if you consider buying loads of them, that would really be hard on your pocket.

You can always use some adapters to make Canon and other third-party lenses work, or even use crop lenses with proper camera settings (which will make it shoot like a crop camera by the way), but let’s be honest — Sony lenses just work better with this baby.

But if you have a lot of lenses from your old DSLR, that will do as a start.

2. Battery life is short

Comparing to DSLR it’s just tiny. You can take from 350 to 800 photos with a single battery with Sony a7. That depends on lightning conditions and your style of taking photos.

Popular DSLR like Canon 60D can make about 1500 shot on a single charge. From two to four times bigger that is.

This problem is common in all mirrorless cameras but it can easily be solved with additional batteries. Just make sure to take some with you, if you’re planning on a long session.

3. It doesn’t look professional enough

You think — what the heck?! That’s not a reason to forget about the mirrorless camera!

The thing is — sometimes it is quite a reason.

If you shoot weddings, studio photos and so on, it may be important to make a good impression on your clients.

Many people think that big and bulky DSLRs just look professional and small Sony a7 is more like a point and shoot.

There is a decision though, take out your big 200mm lens and make them pay for this wedding to times more. You’re a professional, if you have this baby, right?

That’s about it. I’ve honestly tried to muster 5 reasons not to buy Sony a7 to make this list even, but I just couldn’t.

This camera is a very good choice for any person, who looks for a superb quality, compact size and affordable price.

Be sure to check it out on the Amazon.


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