what are sneaker proxies

What Are Sneaker Proxies?

With their numerous applications in streamlining the data flow, securing both the servers and the clients, and making the internet an overall better place – it’s hard to underestimate the essential role proxies play in today’s digital landscape. 

With that being said, people looking to protect their browsing and companies looking to forward their interests aren’t the only ones using proxies. Proxies are used for all kinds of things, one of the more interesting of which would have to be copping the latest pair of kicks.

In an exciting turn of events, proxies are a pillar of the sneaker subculture, as they massively augment your chances to get the latest pair of sneakers. In this article, we’ll talk a bit about proxies, define their role in the sneaker subculture, and help you pick out the best proxy for the job. 

The Role of Proxies and Their Importance

Proxies serve an integral role in the modern internet – they act as a middle man between the server and the client requesting information from it. Proxies are a necessary firewall and web content filter that allows for streamlined, simple, and swift communication on the internet. 

There are more kinds of proxies than you can imagine. Some proxies are used for high anonymity and internet security, others are used to enable things such as web crawlers, and some are even used to help you get the latest and most incredible pair of sneakers. 

Sneaker Copping Is Going Crazy Right Now

Shoes, shoes, shoes – collecting footwear has always been a big thing, but there hasn’t been a point in human history where things were as hectic as they are today. New, high-end sneakers are getting released daily, mostly in limited quantities or in a limited time offer – or both, for that matter.

This business model is specifically designed to create a higher demand for the product, and it’s working wonders in the sneaker world.

Sneakerheads will go out of their way and spend way more than they can afford to cop the latest and most fabulous pair of kicks. 

Some don’t do it for the love of collecting sneakers, as sneaker collecting and reselling can be a very, very lucrative business opportunity. 

The Role of Proxies for Sneaker Copping

Believe it or not, that edition or time-limited pair of kicks could be inaccessible to most if it weren’t for proxies. Sneakerheads use proxies to purchase these sneakers by employing sneaker bots to do so. 

If you press the “buy now” button a little too much or try to send too many requests to the server, which is mandatory if you want to cop some kicks – the server thinks you’re a bot, and you’ll likely get a soft ban that efficiently ends your chances of getting those sneakers.

sneaker proxies - bot protection
Servers are careful to block all the bots from buying.

By employing a sneaker bot, it will automatically send the buy now requests for you, augmenting your chances of getting the sneakers in the first place.

However, there is a catch. If the system catches on that you’re using bots because all of the requests are coming from the same physical location and IP address, that address might get blacklisted.

That’s where sneaker proxies come in. They efficiently make your bots all look different from one another, making the server none the wiser. If just one of them goes through, you’ll get your sneakers, and you can resume the poxy later on. 

Sneaker proxies make it appear that entirely different people are trying to get the same pair of kicks, while it’s been only you and your sneaker bot army all along. 

Best Proxy Types for the Job

Now, while we understand that sneaker proxies are an invaluable tool to sneakerheads, we’ll have to cover which proxy does best. There are more kinds of proxies than you can imagine, but the best one for sneakers is a residential proxy. 

A residential proxy has a specific IP address that is different from your own, and most importantly, is located in a different place. While the best option, residential proxies aren’t the cheapest option on the market, and having multiple could cost you a pretty penny. Residential proxies are also very fast, which is a very sought-after trait in sneaker coping. 

In that case, people opt for shared proxies. Shared proxies work very much like residential proxies – only you’re not the sole person with successes to it. As long as you find a proxy that isn’t trying to cop the same pair of sneakers as you, you should be fine. While not as fast as residential proxies, shared proxies also may lack security and privacy.

If you’re interested in learning more, then find here as one of the market-leading providers explain the benefits of using sneaker proxies. 

In Conclusion

Sneaker collecting is a cut-throat world, and that’s precisely why you should come packing some fantastic technology to help you on your way to collecting as many sneakers as possible. With the use of top-of-the-line sneaker proxies, your sneaker coping strategy can gain quite a significant boost as long as you make the right choice. 

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