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How to make a slideshow with music and pictures?

The slideshow is the one worthy way to share your thoughts and imagination. So how to make a slideshow with music and pictures?

Why would we make slideshows?

If you want others to admire your work and photos, then you can present them in the form of a slideshow. It is the best way to convey your messages to others in meetings and parties.

Don’t know how to make an eye-catching Slideshow – no problem!

A tremendous and appealing photo film presentation must be attention-grabbing and attract viewers effectively. If you don’t know how to make an operative slideshow or don’t know which software is best regarding the making of slideshow or videos.

Here I am sharing the guide of the two best slideshows creating software with you. You have to follow these step by step, and you will also have your astounding video or slideshow.

How to make a slideshow with music and pictures – Adobe Spark?

the interface of adobe spark

You can create your slideshow very effectively by using various customize design elements with Adobe Spark. It is an online slideshow maker that enables you to provide your audience with the best real photographic results.

Adobe Spark online software with its all music and effects solve your problem of creating the presentation. By following these steps, you would be able to make your video at your workstation.

Steps for creating the Slideshow

Create a new Adobe Spark video

Here is not a complicated timeline that creates confusion. By clicking the big plus button on the Web, you can open the editor. For guiding you can use slideshows present within the app. You can add notes of your choice in this preloaded slideshow.  You can convey only one thought or one picture by one slide.

Adding media files

Now you can add media files to the slides. You can add images, video clips, icons and any texts of your choice. Adobe Spark provides you free photos or icons within the tools so you can use those in your slides. You can also add 30 seconds video clip among the slides. The use of short video clips and images are highly recommended for the visual message.

Selection of pre-designed layout

You can find preloaded settlements at the top left corner. You can add layouts of different styles from here.

Addition of Texts to convey messages

By the visibility of texts in your slideshow help others to get your message without listening to any sound.

Calls to action

You can engage or make attentive to your audience by using your sound record in the slide show. For this purpose, you have to hit the red button and record your voice on a mobile phone or your computer or laptop.

Make it interested by adding themes and soundtrack

Music and themes are the best way to spice it up to your photo clip. Adobe Spark Videos present you with some preloaded themes that can enhance the overall look of your video. You can choose unique and merely elegant themes by just tapping on the “Theme Category” option. Spark Video also presents you with some free music or the option for you to add the music of your own choice. This is also important way to engage your audience with the slideshow.

Publish or Share the slideshow

After following the above all steps, now you have to understand the last one. After the complete making of a slideshow now you can publish or share your work.  You can share it straight to the platform of your choice like email the link or save your slideshow on the mp4 camera roll.

Customization of your slideshow

You can get different customization options with Adobe Spark Videomaker. So create something exciting and engage your audience with something they have not seen before. Don’t be afraid of doing new experiments and playing around with various options to compose your presentation. In this way, you can find the videos, images, icons, and text options according to your taste. Your presentation will be live long across the memory of your audience by delivering it uniquely.

How to make a slideshow with music and pictures – Movavi Slideshow Maker

the interface of Movavi Slideshow maker

Now here is the important step guide for you to make slideshows on Movavi software. By using this software, you can also create those visuals which can engage your audience very well with your presentation. 

Want to create an appealing slideshow? Use Movavi Slideshow Maker software

If you want to convert your photos in a stunning slideshow or into an engaging movie, use this extensive handy program. You can make or edit slideshows in no time by using its compelling features.

  • Flexible: Use 150+ filters with 100+ transactions along 40+ titles
  • Easy: You can spend just 5 minutes in making a slideshow.
  • Fast: Get the result of your efforts immediately – no need to wait for hours
  • Secure: Security is guaranteed – no need to upload your photos online

I am providing you a complete guide for making the slideshow with this specific software. You have to follow the mention steps for getting the slideshow of your own choice.


First of all, install this alluring software from the web.

Different working mode

While using Movavi Slideshow Maker, you can create your visual or slideshow with two different working modes. This effective software provides you a full guide for making your slideshow. For the preloaded slideshows select “slideshow wizard” and choose the option of creating a movie in a manual mode. By selecting this mode, you can control the all creative process of the slideshow by adjusting different settings and options.

Make your Slideshow

You can create your slideshow in two different manners. You can either make your video with easy mode, and you can choose the full-featured mode for creating the most appealing slideshow.

Adding photos

For including the images into your slideshow click the +files button which you can find in the Files tab. You can also save your time by selecting the whole folder of photos from the +Folder option. You can easily drag them around the slideshow and change the order of photos after adding the images. If you want to remove slides, click on the appropriate icon on selected images.

Select the theme of your own choice

You can choose already made themes which saves a lot of your time. Selecting theme on Movavi Slideshow Maker is easy. You don’t have to select the theme manually; this slideshow maker provides you with various themes with all custom transitions, music tracks, and different captions. You can also preview your all themes by just one click. You can also create themes or transition styles of your own choice by just choosing the “No Theme” option.

Add Music

You can add music by just clicking on the Music tab, or you can also use one of the built-in audial files.

Make join of transitions

You can select the transition style by just clicking on the Transition Tab.

Preview of the created slideshow

You can add openings, adjust videos or music or add transitions by the preview of your creation. From the Preview tab, you can play your video from photos by clicking on the appropriate button.

Saving of slideshow as a video

You can save your slideshow as a video by choosing the appropriate option from the export window. You can save your videos on your device according to your plan of use.

After the making of a video, you can also upload this video directly on YouTube. Movavi Slideshow maker also provides you the option for making this video as WebM, Mp4 or OGV.

We hope that now you’re sure about what tool you want to get and how you can employ it for making your slideshow. Also, feel free to check out our article How to buy Photoshop.

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