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How to Choose an External Hard Drive

Having an external hard drive is the reliable and affordable way to back up all the data on your PC or Mac. It will allow you to keep the data safe in case your system crashes or it is attacked by a virus. There are different types of external hard drives available in the market. Selection of the best one can be tough. Here we have a few tips to help you know how to choose an external hard drive.

External Hard Drive Disk Capacity

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If you want to invest in the best external hard drive, you have to pay attention to the disk capacity of the product. You should know the memory you need to meet your requirements. If you are only collecting music, My Passport SSD of 1 TB will be the perfect choice because it has a lot of memory for videos, movies, and music. On the other hand, if you have some heavy presentations, 4 K videos and other items My Book of 3 TB capacity by Western Digital Elements portable will be a perfect choice. It will satisfy your needs.


The interface of an external hard drive will determine how you can connect the drive with your PC. Some of the popular options are.

  1. USB: it is a universal connection option. You can use the USB output to connect your hard dick with any device that you want. You will get the transfer speed of 5 GB per second.
  2. FireWire: it has the connect speed of 400 Mbps. It is very rare
  3. Thunderbolt: it works with the special connectors of Apple Mac. It has a transmission speed of 10 GB per second. However, it is not compatible with the common connectors.

Memory Type

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There are different types of memories available on the external hard drive. HDD is traditional type while SSD is the modern type of hard drive memory. There are some hard drives available in the market that have combined technology that will allow you to use HDD for storage and SSD for caching. However, SSD external hard drive is the best option. It has a solid construction, which means there are no moving parts in the hard drive. It will reduce the risk of damage or failure due to the accidental shaking the drive. SSD drive will provide you the benefits of:

  1. Compact structure
  2. Portability
  3. Amazing transfer speed

My Passport Wireless SSD that can stream even 4K videos via wi-fi is a reliable option.

Buffer Size

In some disks, there is a special feature of buffer speed available that is faster memory transfer speed. The value of product commonly ranges from 8 to 64 MD. If you need your disk to work faster, assure that you get the one will higher value.


Western Digital Elements SE product shot

The external hard drive is a fragile and mechanical product that can easily get damaged. This is the reason most companies will manufacture the products in special protective boxes.

WD Element SE is a perfect choice. It is manufactured with the best quality material. It is developed with sturdy structure that will absorb the impact even if your product falls to the ground. The best part is that it comes in a shiny casing that makes it look attractive. Manufactured with the drive suspension mechanism will provide you with extra protection.

That wraps it up!

To find out more about one of the best external hard drives visit Western Digital Official Website.

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