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Adobe Premiere Alternatives

It’s common knowledge that Premiere Pro is one of the most advanced video editing software. It is widely used by professionals and enthusiasts alike. However, Adobe Premiere alternatives are something to consider if you like to try something new or just not happy with Premiere.

You may like to get something that is more reasonably priced or you just don’t like Premiere’s subscription model. Or maybe you just want to research all the options before paying for Premiere. Whether you a PC or a Mac user – you can easily find Premiere Pro alternative that suits you well.

Whatever your reasons are, we made a list of video editing software similar to Adobe Premiere. Let’s dig into it.

Adobe Premiere Pro Alternatives

  1. Movavi Video Editor Plus
  2. Vegas Pro
  3. Adobe Premiere Elements
  4. Final Cut Pro X
  5. HitFilm Express
  6. DaVinci Resolve
  7. Shotcut

Here are some of the best Adobe Premiere substitutes for Windows and macOS. You would easily find the one that suits you the best after looking through the whole list.

1. Movavi Video Editor Plus

Adobe Premiere Alternative for enthusiasts

Movavi Video Editor Plus - Adobe Premiere Alternative for enthusiasts

Movavi Video Editor Plus is the easiest to use video editing software. If you feel that you’re being turned off by Premiere’s complex interface then you should know, that Movavi Video Editor Plus is something you definitely need to check out. Even creating your project can be difficult with Premiere Pro, when with Movavi it is done in a snap. Movavi Video Editor Plus is made with creative people who don’t want to waste their time learning all the ins and outs of the video editing software interfaces. It even has a “Quick Video” mode in which your video is basically being made for you.

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The user interface of Movavi Video Editor Plus composed in a way that you find it really easy to start editing, add titles, transitions, and special effects. Moreover, it offers you even more pre-maid goodies tailored by professional designers with Movavi Effects Store. It is a place where you can get themed titles, transitions, and effects to bring even more creativity to your works.

And if you still feel like you have something to learn about the software then you can get Movavi Video Editor Course from Udemy.

It goes without saying that you can also remove noise from your video or stabilize shaky footage with Movavi Video Editor Plus. And don’t forget the option to export your video straight to YouTube. Overall, it’s a great Adobe Premiere alternative for Windows and Mac.


  • Intuitive user interface.
  • An immense collection of titles, transitions, and special effects.
  • Advanced options like stabilization and basic color grading.
  • Work for Windows and macOS.
  • Lifetime option.


  • No audio mixer.
  • Doesn’t work with multiple timelines in one project.

2. Vegas Pro

Adobe Premiere alternative for Windows

Vegas Pro - Adobe Premiere alternative for Windows

Vegas Pro (which once was Sony Vegas Pro) is one of the best Premiere alternative for Windows if you look for professional-grade software. It has a fully cusomizable interface as a professional feature.

The timeline of Vegas Pro is fast and snappy, it is really handy if you need to put a big amount of clips and make them work in a sequence. However, it can take some time to get used to it since it includes all the professional features like cross-fades, full audio volume control and so on. You can enable frabe-by-frame preview on a timeline so you could more easily navigate through the clips.

On a technical side, it’s fully capable of editing 4K video and even 360 videos are supported. Also, thanks to the OpenFX standard, you can make Vegas Pro work with third-party plugins like BorisFX. They allow you to manually tweak special effects, do precise masking, and so on. And don’t forget VST support for adding third-party audio plug-ins.

Vegas Pro also supports other professional features like: GPU acceleration, multi-camera editing, stereoscopic video support, Dolby Digital, Blu-ray authoring etc. All in all, Vegas Pro is a really gread Adobe Premiere alternative for Windlows.


  • Good user inteface.
  • Professional-grade features.
  • Lifetime and subscription options.
  • HEVC support.


  • Windows only.
  • Can be expensive comparing to other alternatives.

3. Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe Premiere substitute for home users

adobe premiere elements - Adobe Premiere substitute for home users

Adobe Premiere Elements is a great alternative to Adobe Premiere Pro for home users. It aims at amateurs and home users. It is created in a way that a complete beginner could create her own movie with no learning.

Though it is not intuitive as Movavi Video Editor Plus, Premiere Elements has great labels that teach you to use the software, like “Drop Title” or “Apply Transition”. Basically, the software takes your hand, and step-by-step guides you through the process of creating a video.

Premiere Elements also has an option to capture video and author DVDs. Because of the approach of the program to automate boring processes of creating video, you can find yourself spending more time on creative tasks like picking titles and transitions.


  • Lifetime purchase.
  • Friendly interface.
  • Great guided editing.


  • It looks dated.
  • More pricy then Movavi Video Editor Plus.

4. Final Cut Pro X

The best Adobe Premiere Pro alternative for Mac

Final Cut Pro X - The best Adobe Premiere Pro alternative for Mac

Final Cut Pro X is the first software that Apple users should try when in search of Premiere alternative for Mac. It stands on par with Adobe Premiere Pro in terms of features and if you’re a Mac user then you should at least get a free trial version of Final Cut Pro X.

The user interface of Final Cut Pro X is not simple but it is very intuitively made. What I want to say is that the software is really professional and you can find all the necessary features but because of the sheer amount of these features you could be stuck with knowing where to go. Nonetheless, the user interface is much easier to use than Premiere Pro.

The distinctive feature of Final Cut Pro X is a magnetic timeline. It doesent leave blank spots at the timeline when you remove the parts of the clips. Instead it puts them together back to back. It is really handy when you get used to it. If you came from Premier Pro it can feel strange but soon you will find that magnetic timeline works like a charm.

Final Cut Pro X’s unique timeline is not the only notable feature. You can also leverage other useful options like grouping the clips, set clips individual or group special effects. It goes without saying that Final Cut Pro X supports professional features like multicamera editing, VR video support, extensive media file management with metadata, and different tags.

Other professional features of Final Cut Pro X include GPU acceleration, extensive audio editing, color grading, support of 4K video, great collection of titles and special effects and many more. Final Cut Pro X is trully the best professional-grade Adobe Premiere Pro alternative for Mac.


  • Professional features with professional workflow.
  • Long trial version.
  • Great looks.
  • Optimized for macOS which makes it really fast.


  • Quite pricy compared to other Adobe Premiere substitutes.
  • macOS only.

Free Adobe Premiere Alternatives

Here we have some of the best free alternatives to Adobe Premiere. Here you can find proprietary and open-source options.

5. HitFilm Express

The best of free alternatives to Adobe Premiere with VFX support

HitFilm Express - The best of free alternatives to Adobe Premiere with VFX support

HitFilm Express is very simular to Premier when you look at it’s interface. The big difference is that HitFilm Express kind of includes both video editing features of Premiere Pro and VFX features of after effects. And, of course, it’s Adobe Premiere free alternative.

I would suggest HitFilm Express to anyone who likes the look and the workflow of Adobe Premiere but doesn’t like the subscription model that Adobe makes you to use. HitFilm Express really has some features to offer, especially for a free software. It works like a charm if you need to do some simple editing or add a little of VFX. It’s also a great thing, that HitFilm Express is easier to use than DaVinci Resolve.

Since it has a big focus on VFX, Chroma Key tool works just perfect for creating green screen effects.

If you will decide that you don’t have enough features in this free version, you can get HitFilm Pro which is paid but has significantly more professional-grade abilities. All-in-all it’s a video editing software similar to Adobe Premiere.


  • Free.
  • Interface would be familiar to Premire Pro users.
  • VFX support, great Chrome Key effect.


  • Only up to 1080p in a free version.
  • Not as capable as paid professional software.

6. DaVinci Resolve

Adobe Premiere free alternative for professionals

DaVinci Resolve - Adobe Premiere free alternative for professionals

One of DaVinci’s biggest attracts is its color correction and grading platform. It’s by way of some distance the pinnacle preference for professional color grading for correcting and grading video. DaVinci Resolve also scores much higher then Adobe’s Lumetri Color when it comes to grading colors.

This software has a completely unique collaboration mode that permits retouchers, coloration correctors, sound designers, and other creative experts to work simultaneously in a single program consultation. DaVinci Resolve is a fairly complicated software that meets expert necessities. And that shows with a very complicated user interface. You compensate for the great number of features that are available with a really steep learning curve.

DaVinci Resolve is a great free Adobe Premiere alternative. It may additionally purpose a few difficulties for those, who have by no means used NLE software before. Its interface may additionally appear complicated if you just started using DaVinci Resolve. However, it may become the best video editor you ever need. In addition, the charge of the completed paid version is pretty reasonable if you keep in mind the features it gives.

While the free option of DaVinci Resolve all of the editing functions and helps you to do video editing with the most frame rate of 60 frames per second. You need to be aware that the free DaVinci Resolve version does now not work with h264, so you’ll want to transcode films of that kind earlier than you can use them.

The paid version of this program, DaVinci Resolve Studio, prices $259 and offers multi-user work, 3D, and 4K support. It also supports framerates up to 120 fps and includes unique filters and grain effects.


  • Professional-grade features.
  • Industry-standart color grading.
  • Free.


  • Really steep learning curve.
  • Workflow can be hard to understand, especially for color correction.

7. Shotcut

Adobe Premiere open source alternative

The interface of Shotcut video editor

Shotcut is a video editing software with not so friendly interface, and an adaptable toolbar. It is a great Adobe Premiere open-source alternative since there are not so many open-source software that can be compared with Shotcut in terms of features.

Shotcut is a free to use, open-source video editing software, and although it doesn’t have the slick interface you discover in commercial products, it is quite a chunk higher than you would possibly anticipate from open-source software. You get a few of the things paid tools like PowerDirector and Premiere Elements offer. Shotcut support multi-track video editing with a great number of features for Adobe Premiere open-source alternative.

Libraries allow this video editor to add more than one video format with a huge list of valid formats, as well as work with TIFF, PNG, GIF, SVG, and TGA files.


  • Free and open-source.
  • Multi-track editing support.
  • Popular multimedia formats support.


  • Poor user interface.
  • Steep learning curve.

Adobe Premiere Pro Alternatives | Conclusion

I hope you find yourself the best Adobe Premiere alternative to be happy with. If you are still not sure about which one to pick then go and download trial versions to use them yourself and make a final decision. Alternatively, you can check how to get Adobe Premiere for free.

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