movavi video editor plus review

Movavi Video Editor Plus Review

Movavi Video Editor Plus 2020


The Ease of Use


Creative Features


Transitions, Titles, Effects


Additional Content



  • The Intuitive Interface
  • Great Titles and Transitions Collection
  • The Export Options


  • No Audio Meters
  • No LUT support

There is plenty of video editing software, each of them with some special feature that makes it different from the others. Among them, Movavi Video Editor Plus stands out as a truly intuitive video editing app. In this Movavi Video Editor Plus review, I tell you about the cons and pros of Movavi and give you a full overview. Whether you are barely beginning in the video editing world or you have been working in this audiovisual field for years, this one is a great choice for making the quickest video editing, and I will show you why in this Movavi Video Editor Plus Review.

Movavi Video Editor Plus 2020 Review

This program is valuable for many reasons, but the main one is its easy-to-use interface. But don’t misunderstand me, this doesn’t mean that it is a basic software. On the contrary, Movavi Video Editor Plus has plenty of options you can only find in professional software. Besides, Movavi is available for Windows and Mac. Movavi Video Editor Plus a pretty versatile program and a great option for a wider spectrum of users. Let’s continue this Movavi Video Editor Plus review with the new features of the 2020 version.

The new features of Movavi Video Editor Plus 2020

movavi video editor plus color correction
The new version of Movavi Video Editor Plus 2020 got a significant update with a lot of new features.

The latest 2020 version of Movavi Video Editor Plus boosts with a ton of new features that distinguishes it from the 14 and 15 version and even from basic Movavi Video Editor. The developers claim to make every change for the actual Movavi users. The users ask for improvements and the new version of Movavi Video Editor Plus is made in mind with the requests.

Here are some of the most notable new features:

The New and Improved User Interface

For the 2020 version developers updated the user interface. If you’re used Movavi Video Editor Plus 14 or 15 you will notice the difference right away. The colors and icons were updated and received a more modern and slick look. It’s now easier to work with long projects because the new interface is easier on the eyes.

Moreover, the tools in the vertical and horizontal toolbars were rethought so it’s easier to find the necessary tool. As an experienced Movavi Video Editor Plus user, I had familiarized myself with the new interface in no time. So the change is welcome and will make happy old users as much as the new ones.

Frame-by-frame Clips Preview

This is a long-awaited improvement to Movavi Video Editor Plus. In the previous versions, the video clip on the timeline was marked with just the first frame of the clip. However, in this Movavi Video Editor Plus review, we see that the new version 2020 has a great improvement – frame-by-frame clips preview. It basically means that you can see the frames in the clip right on the timeline. Now looking for a proper moment to make a cut is easy as ever.

User Media Library

In the previous version of Movavi Video Editor Plus, you didn’t have a feature of professional video editing software – user media file library. After exporting files into Movavi Video Editor Plus you had all of your files put on the timeline. That means that the file existed only if it was placed on the timeline.

The new feature takes after the professional software like Adobe Premiere Pro. That means that after exporting media you will see it neatly stored in the user media library. It is a great feature for more complicated projects and is an important improvement for power users.

New Special Effects

The new version of Movavi Video Editor Plus has fresh modern special effects. They take after trendy YouTube videos and make your video look cool and modern. Here are all the new goodies:

  • Parallax transition
  • Chromatic Aberration effect
  • Two different Glitch effects
  • The 70s TV styling effect

The User Interface

Let’s dig into Movavi Video Editor Plus review. And we continue by the thing that separates Movavi from professional software like Adobe Premiere Pro. It is a great stuff if you find yourself overwhelmed with the complexity of professional apps. I myself like making my videos more than struggling to get through the instructions.

movavi video editor plus color filters
Movavi Video Editor Plus has a big list of pre-built color correction profiles to tune the look of your movie.

One of the first characteristics you joyfully find when you launch Movavi Video Editor Plus is its clean and simple interface. It is specially created to prevent the beginner user to feel overwhelmed due to many different and possibly unnecessary options. All the features of the interface are strategically located, in a pleasing disposition to the sight and practical for all the fundamental needs. The timeline is in the bottom part of the screen and an assortment of useful tools on the left side. The tools are located in two panels – one is right above the timeline, the second is vertical and is on the left side of the app.

If you have more than one screen, it is possible to split the software view to watch them in a wider and more comfortable way. You can make the timeline and the tools to remain on the main screen. The video monitor is large and clear on the secondary screen. Depending on your screen’s size, you can make a substantial expansion of the Movavi’s timeline. I mean we all know how uncomfortable is to work with a limited timeline space.

Movavi Video Editor Plus Review – File Import

To add video files to your edition project you can choose one of the next two methods:

  • Add media files: this method allows you to search for any video from your computer’s folders and to add it to the project. You can also add a full folder with several video files in it. Movavi Video Editor Plus will have them neatly stored in the User Bin folder. From there just drag and drop them onto the timeline.
  • Drag and drop: You can freely drag a video directly from the containing folder and release it on the Movavi’s interface, and it will automatically add it to the timeline.

Movavi Video Editor Plus’ Features

Right above the Movavi’s timeline, you will find the more common tools to make the video editing process. The tools allow you to cut the video or adjust it, so you don’t necessarily need to navigate over the different menus to access them. This feature is then responsible for making the work easier, and this is why Movavi Video Editor is the perfect video editing software for beginners. If you click on the gear icon that is on the same fast-access toolbar, you will find the advanced editing options, such as to zoom in or zoom out, image stabilization, slow motion, and other tools usually available only in more advanced professional editing software.

movavi video editor plus magic enhance
You can easily improve the video simply by applying Magic Enhance. It levels the contrast, saturation, and white balance.

Another available feature of Movavi Video Editor is its capacity for audio recording, directly on the timeline. This option is located on the upper toolbar of the Movavi’s interface. This is pretty useful in case you don’t have any other audio recorder software, or if you just want to save up all the time as possible; so instead of previously recording the audio and dragging it into the timeline (as of course, you can do as well), you can directly record it into your project. So if you are a YouTuber, or if you make any kind of video where it is necessary some superimposed narration, this option is ideal for you.

movavi video editor plus equalizer
You can easily tweak the sound with some audio effects and equalizer with manual controls and pre-built presets.

Transitions and effects

movavi video editor plus transitions
The transitions library is excessive and has some modern and classic options to choose from.

Movavi Video Editor Plus Review continues with the overview of transitions and effects. Movavi is designed with a great variety of effects and different transitions available when it comes to video editing. And they are not hidden! You just need to click on the effects or transitions button from the left bar, select the video effect of your preference and drag it on to the video clip. If you want it to be extended over the whole timeline video set, you just have to right-click the effect or transition button and select the “Apply to all clips” option. Another time-saving feature!

Also, there is a great stuff like stickers, transitions and intro videos. Stickers and transitions are pretty self-explanatory. But I need to shed some light on intros. They are basically beautiful titles that are really well suited for branding your YouTube video with an opening. I found intros to be really useful and very pleasing to look at.

movavi video editor plus stickers
Stickers and speech bubbles are here to give you some more creative options.

Additional Special Effects

In this Movavi Video Editor Plus Review, I ought to mention Movavi Effects Store. This store is accessible via the app itself. You can find the button in any collection like titles, transitions, stickers.

movavi effects store
The example of the titles available at Movavi Effects Store.

Movavi Effects store supports Movavi Video Editor Plus from the 14.4 version and also supports Movavi Video Suite.

Movavi Effects Store is a big store of additional content. The content is sorted by different thematics – Seasons, Sci-fi, Cinematic effects, and others. There you can find titles, transitions, stickers, intro videos, frames, and backgrounds. Overall Movavi Effects Store is a neat way to spice up your video with cool-looking graphics and effects so you definitely should check it out.

You can learn more about special effects in our Movavi Effects Store review.

Exporting your video

The export process for your videos is in Movavi Video Editor Plus as simple and swift as all the other functions. In the Export window, you can find all the necessary specifications to save your already finished project: resolution, quality, video format, audio format, etc.

movavi video editor plus export
Export options are obvious and easy…

The more experienced eye will notice that there are missing some Render/Export options that other professional programs offer, but most of them are not even necessary for the average project, and it only makes those software to run slowly and inefficient. Movavi includes the interesting option of uploading the finished video directly to your YouTube account, in case you are a YouTuber and you have a channel to take care of. We are in a social networks era, and Movavi knows it!

movavi video editor plus export settings
… but you can always fine-tune export options if you’re feeling the need to.


Movavi Video Editor is available in three different versions: Movavi Video Editor 2020 trial version, 1-year subscription, and a lifetime license.

  • Free Trial: You can download the Movavi Video Editor Plus 2020 trial version from its official website. With the Movavi Free Trial version, you will be able to use the program free of charge for 7 days starting at the installation moment.
  • 1-year license: For only $39.95 you can purchase the 1-year subscription version of Movavi Video Editor Plus 2020. It is fully functional and doesn’t have any restrictions. After a year you’ll need to renew your subscription.
  • A lifetime license: This is a lifetime payment of $59.95, no monthly or yearly dues, and you can use it in one computer at a time. In other regards, it’s a similar to a 1-year subscription.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 with up-to-date patches/service packs installed.
  • Intel or AMD or compatible processors, 1GHz.
  • Minimum graphics display resolution of 1024×768, 32-bit color.
  • 256MB RAM for Windows 2000 and XP, 512MB for Vista, 1GB for Windows 7 and Windows 8.
  • Minimum 250MB free hard disk space for installation, 2GB for ongoing operations.

Movavi Video Editor also works great on macOS.

How to learn Movavi Video Editor?

For those who want to really up their game in video editing and improve their skills, I’ve made a series of lessons. The Movavi Video Editor Course aims and beginners and more advanced users. You will go with me through the basics and creative techniques in Movavi Video Editor Plus 2020.

And for users I’ve made a special discount. The regular price of the course is $29.99, with this discount you will get the course for $19.99 – a big -$10 off the price. To get the discount simply click the button and if will get you straight to Udemy.


Movavi Video Editor Plus 2020 is a simple but highly complete program for your video edition. This software aims to a not so professional market, where the average users still can make video edition without breaking their brains out. This is, by far, one of the best video editing software for beginners, because it is possible to learn how to use it in minutes. The bad thing? It can get slow sometimes because it is not so powerful as professional software. But there is no doubt that it has enough good characteristics that compensate this deficiency, as its advanced options, its affordable price, and its easy-to-use beautiful interface.

movavi video editor plus titles
Here you can see the title applied to my footage. Also, notice the light leak effect which you can fine-tune.


  1. Easy to use. Intuitive and sleek modern user interface.
  2. Attractive titles, effects and transitions gallery, just one click away.
  3. Advanced options you can only find on professional expensive software.
  4. A great number of export options: from the easy to professional.
  5. You can test the power and features of the program with the Movavi Video Editor Plus 2020 trial for 7 days.


  1. No audio meters. That’d be a great update to Movavi Video Editor Plus 2020.
  2. No LUT support.
  3. It’s kind of short in options on color grading for advanced professional use.
  4. Not so powerful in its editing processes as other software.

People Also Ask

Here are some of the questions that people have about Movavi Video Editor.

  1. Is Movavi Video Editor any good?

    Movavi Video Editor is a very good video editing software. And this is especially true in regards to the Plus version. It has a very user-friendly interface and a lot of features that can impress anyone from a beginner to a prosumer. Also, there is a seven-day trial in order for you to check it out.

  2. Is Movavi Video Editor safe?

    Movavi Video Editor is completely safe. It's made by a well-known multimedia software company. If you consider safety then be aware that Movavi Video Editor asks for your permission to send anonymous usage statistics to Movavi. You free to disallow it, but it doesn't affect your safety at all.

  3. Is Movavi Video Editor free?

    Movavi Video Editor has a free seven-day trial version with trial restrictions. While using a trial you will have a watermark on your video. Also, you wouldn't be able to export more than half of an audio file. You can remove all the restrictions and use Movavi Video Editor to its full potential when you buy a lifetime license or get a 1-year subscription.

  4. Is Movavi a Virus?

    No, Movavi doesn't make viruses. Movavi is not a virus. It's a well-known software maker and programs like Movavi Video Editor are being checked for viruses by big anti-virus companies.

5 thoughts on “Movavi Video Editor Plus Review

  1. “Movavi Video Editor Plus”

    I am a Youtuber and this software is both easy to use but despite the fact it is easy to use it has many aspects of the software which can change MY video from basic to Youtube or content worthy. There are many transitions and effects to use which can be used at any level of editing so is really useful for all types of people at all types of levels of skill. I fully recommend this software to anyone who has a dream of becoming a content creator as it is easy to use and has lots of features that fit all types of people and videos. Movavi Video Editor is a very good video editing software. And this is especially true in regards to the Plus version. It has a very user-friendly interface and a lot of features that can impress anyone from a beginner to a prosumer. Also, there is a seven-day trial in order for you to check it out.

  2. Setting aside that NOTHING works, yeah, its great (in theory). The thing did not install properly. I had to use another program or something and then it would not go into the program itself. Then, it went into the program after a 4th try for a split second before it dies. Then, when trying to uninstall it, you get error messages there too. This is a joke. I also installed another driver per their instruction and that did not work. Nothing works.

  3. Me encanta este programa ya que hace que el desarrollo de tu trabajo sea muy sencilla, sin demeritar el acabado final de mi trabajo, los clientes quedan sorprendidos por lo bien que se ve en pantalla, preguntándose como lo hice, me es muy grato haberlo conseguido, lo recomiendo ampliamente, es muy versátil, tiene lindos efectos y su grado de complejidad es moderado, lo puede utilizar desde un niño hasta un especializado en video.

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