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Top 4 Marketing Video Software you should know about

As much as 80% of all the consumer traffic comes with the video market. Consumer prefers to watch a small video about the product rather than reading a whole review. It helps them to save time and make the right decision quickly. There are many business owners who are getting into the video marketing but they do not know how to accomplish the task properly. There are many marketing video software which can help you with the task. Here we have the list of top 4 marketing video software.

1. Wave Video

The interface of Wave Video

It is one of the best video makers available online. It will allow you to quickly make your business video online. There are more than 200 stock videos available. You can select the video that meets the requirements of your business and edit it according to your requirements. Within a few seconds, you will have the perfect business video. You can upload your own media file, add text in the video where you like as well as include the music in the video that you like. You can easily customize the video to match your branding campaign.

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2. Movavi Video Editor Business

The interface of Movavi Video Editor Business

Movavi Video Editor will allow you to create a video for your marketing campaign and increase your revenue. Some of the amazing features you will find in the product are:

  1. It will allow you to make tutorial and marketing videos.
  2. With the professional video editor, you can easily edit all the clips that you want.
  3. Easily record the screen activity using the webcam to include it in the video.
  4. You can use any popular format to save your videos.
  5. It is perfect for all business owners because there are any customization options available in the software.

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3. Techsmith Camtasia

The interface of Camtasia

It is the screen recorder and video maker that will allow you to perfectly record your screen and convert it into a professional looking video. You can easily record the screen, add all the effects that you like while editing the video and it will be perfect. The software is available at an affordable rate and comes with the 30 days money back guarantee. There are tutorials available with the demos that will allow you to use the software properly. You can make all types of video for your business. You can even create the business presentations using the software.

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4. Active Presenter

The interface of Active Presenter 7

It is the all in one software that will provide you the features like eLearning, screen recording and video editing. There are many amazing features of the platform like:

  1. Software stimulation
  2. Video editing
  3. Screen recording
  4. eLearning games
  5. Software guides
  6. Quiz building

It means that you can not only use it for business purpose but also for many other tasks that you have to accomplish. There are several themes and features available that will allow you to change the overall look of the video. You can easily create professional videos for your business.

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Make sure that you select the video marketing software you are most comfortable with. You have to learn to use the software properly before you start making a video with it. The software will make the video making the task easier for you. It will help increase your leads and sales in limited time.

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