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5 Best DSLR Cameras for a beginner in 2018

DSLR camera for a beginner used to be one of the biggest luxuries for photographers who loved to turn their passion into a profession, but not anymore. The DSLR cameras have now become very common considering the competition in the local and international market. Also, a great number of the latest models for the DSLR camera are being introduced by renowned companies such as Sony, Cannon, and Nikon etc.

Beginners who are in search of a cheap DSLR camera have to also select the best starter camera to make sure that they take off their professional/passionate journey with the best equipment with sufficient features in it.

This way, the cheap price and the fine quality together form an acceptable DSLR camera for a beginner that is the topmost requirements for anyone who’s thinking of stepping into the business.

1. Nikon D3400 DSLR Camera

Nikon D3400 with NIKKOR 70-300mm agist the white backgorund

Available on Amazon for around $600, the Nikon D3400 is an absolute treat for the beginners as a great and versatile DSLR camera. It even comes bundled with great long-focus lens Nikkor 70-300mm for great long shots and portrait shots. It offers some amazing features that are enough for a beginner to explore the photography talents, which include:

  • The camera is 24.3 megapixels which are good enough to make a career start.
  • The camera offers 5 FPS continuous shooting which makes it easy for the user to click the best random shot.
  • The pictures and videos can be shot in low light as well with the perfect results.

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2. Canon EOS Rebel T5 Digital SLR

Canon EOS Rebel T5 kit against the white backgrond

Available on Amazon for around $350, the Canon EOS Rebel T5 includes the kit that consists of a great autofocus lens with following features:

  • The camera is 18.4 megapixels and works great as a cheap DSLR camera according to the reviews and first-hand experiences.
  • The DIGIC 4 Image Processor makes it easy for the user to speed up the camera operations with multiple clicks at the same time with high-quality images/videos.
  • Larger display.
  • The perfect choice for still images in HD quality.

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3. Sony a68 Translucent Mirror DSLR Camera

Sony a68 camera kit against the white background

Available on Amazon for around $700, the Sony a68 is the one of the recently introduced by Sony as the best starter camera. Although it consists of only the body without any accessories, the price is still very competitive with the following features:

  • The burst rate is higher than the previous models of Sony DSLR cameras.
  • It is a 24.2 megapixels camera.
  • The 4D autofocus system allows the user to click multiple pictures in one go.
  • The lens is able to track the motion on the screen due to which the photographer prevents from clicking a bad photo.

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4. Nikon D3300

Nikon D3300 kit transparent background

Available on Amazon for around $400, the Nikon D3300 consists of the following features:

  • The camera is 24.2 megapixels.
  • It can click 5 frames per click for an improved shooting power.
  • The camera body has 11 autofocus points.

Although this model is a previous version of the latest Nikon camera, it is still being loved by the beginners who are contented with its basic yet improved features.

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5. Canon EOS Rebel T6

Canon EOS Rebel T6 against the white backgound

Available on Amazon for around $400, the Canon EOS Rebel T6 includes a kit of the useful accessories as well. The features include:

  • 18.0 megapixels camera.
  • Built-in WIFI and NFC connectivity.
  • Can take photos in low light.
  • Optical viewfinder for an improved autofocus.

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All of these 5 DSLR cameras for a beginner are available on Amazon in reasonable prices, most of them in kits to make them cheaper and affordable for the non-professional photographers.

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